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  1. I have followed your series since the beginning and I just can’t get enough. I really love the way you’ve gone through three generations from Billy Brock in Fractured Time to Marina in Princess Pain. Please don’t stop writing.

  2. Hi, Mike;
    I recently purchased Princess Pain from you at InConjunction and I was really impressed. Marina is one $#@-kicking babe. I hope you do the sequel to it. Do you think there’d ever be a movie from this?

  3. I read the Fractured Time Trilogy a while ago and recently, my boyfriend gave me the Space Frontiers Series for a birthday present. I’m already into book two and I can’t stop. If these novels ever became TV series or movies, I’d be sure to watch every one of them. I have to say that Mike’s character, Shanna, kicks ass in Icarus (book one).

  4. We met at Cocco’s in Sept. and I bought a copy of Night Creeps from you. After I read it, I had nightmares. That was the strangest, scariest story I ever read. Every stranger I see, I expect to see a tentacle shoot out of their mouths. Yikes! When is the next one coming out? Will it be the same characters?

  5. Fractured Time is one of the coolest series that I’ve read in a long time. The characters were awesome and the relationships were very entertaining. I felt as though I was a part of the adventure. I’m looking forward to Space Frontiers to see what kind of trouble Billy Brock’s son can get into. This would be a great TV series because of the adventures and the creatures they confront before taking on the evil wizard.

  6. I received the Fractured Time Trilogy from a relative for my birthday last month. She raved about how much fun it was to read. With all the rain we’ve been getting here in central California, I’ve had plenty of time to read. I have to say, this was one of the most intriguing series I’ve ever read. I felt as though I was one of the characters and the journey was amazing. First it was science fiction; then fantasy; then horror. But all had solid roots in the story. I really enjoyed the author’s kick-ass female characters.
    I am looking forward to reading the next generation of the trilogy – Space Frontiers. I highly recommend this as a ‘read’.

  7. I was Christmas shopping online last week and purchased a copy of Princess Pain. When it arrived, I was immediately intrigued by the character on the cover. Once I started reading it, I had to keep going. Marina the lead character is really bad-ass. The opening scene was great. I hope you do the sequel to this soon. I can’t wait.

  8. Just finished reading the Fractured Time trilogy. I love the seen in the frist book when they escape form the werewolf peeple and ride the log down the montain. Is there ever be a movie or Tv series?

  9. You, dude! Just read Night creeps and was blown away. Loved the bathroom scene at the bus station. The hookers were cool, too. I liked Peaches. Nice ending – boom! Never saw the gunshot to the head coming. Is there a sequel coming? If so, how about a hint?

  10. I loved Space Frontiers! Shanna is my hero. That was the best space based story or series that I have ever read. Have you considered pitching it to producers? It would be a fantastic series of movies or TV shows.

  11. Your Fractured Time Trilogy was truly outstanding. I never read a series that blended magic, sci-fi, horror, romance and even some comedy in such a thrilling manner. I hope that Space Frontiers has the same elements as Fractured Time. I can’t wait. I’m watching your site to see when you’ll return to Orlando. I will come to see you.

  12. We met at Connooga and I bought a copy of Princess Pain from you, Michael. I enjoyed it so much that I lent it to my ex-wife to read. She thought Marina was the most ass-kicking heroine she ever read about. My ex suffered from drug addiction for a few years and had to quit cold-turkey or lose our kids. Marina’s addiction to adrenalin was similar and her struggles afterward were accurate. I hope you do a sequel because we both can’t wait to see how Marina progresses or regresses. My ex says a movie would be great and she’d love to see what women are cast for Marina, Kat, Rebecca and Fiona as all four are very powerful roles in your story. Kudos for a bad-ass bitch in a kick ass story. Write more.

  13. Princess With an Attitude!
    Now that the snow and ice has finally melted with a lovely threat of Spring on the way, we can breathe a sigh of relief. It’s also time for another book review! This time, I’m making the trek to the planet Yord as I watch a “princess” kick some serious butt and kill a lot of people.

    A lot of people.

    Michael D’Ambrosio’s book Princess Pain needs to have a counter for every time someone dies. I bet if I shook the book hard enough, blood really would come out. Yet, the killing is all part of the bleak planet Yord as well as the life of hard-ass courier Marina. She is a tough and cold woman who is also quite beautiful; yet this beauty can be quite deadly as she gives the reader a sample of her “abilities” within the first couple of pages. That was enough of a hook for me to continue reading the book and eventually finish it in the same day.
    Princess Pain is about a young woman who has walked away from her former life to live one that she does not care for yet barely lives it anyway, thanks to much consumed whiskey and adrenaline shots. She refuses to feel any kind of emotion and especially refuses to think about her past that involved her being abandoned by her parents when she was a child. Yet, as she unwillingly spends more time on Yord, she comes to begrudgingly realize that there was more to her past than she realized, leading to events that will ultimately change the planet and more importantly, herself. From page one, we are strapped into a world filled with treachery, killing, survival, really cool dreadlocks (loved them, Michael!), flash grenades and women who fight harder than men! Princess Pain is a good mix of science fiction, action, suspense and a little humor, thanks to D’Ambrosio’s talent as a writer who makes you FEEL every knife wound, every pulling of the entrails, every moment of betrayal and even every kiss freely shared.

  14. Hi, Mike. We met in Altoona at the ValleyCon. I finally had a chance to read Princess Pain and I couldn’t put it down. She might be the baddest b#$@% I ever knew. Wow! I’m counting on you to have book 2 when I see you next year. I’ll be checking Amazon in case you finish sooner. Thanks a lot and keep on writing.

  15. Hi, Mike;
    I just finished Night Creeps 2. Oh, dude! That was so good. I didn’t expect to read anything like the sex scenes in the sequel. I gave it to my girlfriend to read. Maybe it will get me some action tonight. I can’t sleep now, thinking about that ending. Write more!

  16. Hi, Mike;
    Just read Fractured Time and Twisted Fate. I really enjoyed them. I hope to see you in Morgantown, WV in August to get the others from you. I love what you did with the different creatures, especially the wolf creatures on the mountain. Even better was the reaction by Billy’s girlfriend after they escaped down the rapids. That made it so believable. Thanks for an exciting adventure. Keep on writing.

  17. I really enjoyed the Fractured Time books. My wife has already ordered your Space Frontiers series for me. Thanks for a great ride.

  18. I recently read Night Creeps and found it very entertaining. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Night Creeps 2 but I was stunned in a good way. Those last few chapters were the best! What’s next in Night Creeps 3? The characters could be like Marvel’s superheroes but in a different sense. That Johnny Watkins was something else – using mind control to get his partner hot for him! Looking forward to another from you.

  19. Thanks for being part of the MarsCon 2016 panel on Science Fantasy to Science Fact. I liked that one quite a bit.

  20. Princess Pain was awesome! The ending was a shocker as I never saw it coming. I can’t wait for the sequel to come out. I also was surprised to find that Marina is the daughter of the characters in Space Frontiers. I may have to pick up that series as well.

  21. Nineteen pages into Night Creeps by Michael D’Ambrosio and I was already gagging. So much gore, so much alien sex . . . I LOVED IT! From the first page all the way to the (literally) bloody end, I was gripped by the story and the characters of good, evil, and even more evil. So much torn flesh . . .

    The story is thus: small town Parmissing Valley soon “welcomes” three new visitors – aliens from another world who are bent on destruction, control of the “stupid” human masses, and eating human flesh. The aliens Grimwold, Shurek, and Kroll have the uncanny ability to turn humans into either flesh eating ravaging mutants or half alien half human beings that are linked through the mind. The three descend upon the town without a second thought and eat their way through with glee. They soon get the “brilliant” idea to turn three women – Jane, Suzie, and Pam – into their “companions”. However, all goes to hell in an entrails covered hand basket as the body count increases, betrayals are made with fanged glee, and long wiggling tongues are used in the most unique way. Oh and did I mention strange pulsing lumps of DNA? Or eggs with tentacles? Or jellyfish looking creatures with a higher intelligence than the entire planet????

    Like I said earlier, this book had me gagging all the way through and yet I couldn’t put it down. Although the majority of the book was gore and really, really kinky alien sex scenes, the book held enough humour, action, and twists to make for a damn good read. This book reminded me of the film Tremors and in a good way (if you’ve never seen that film, I highly recommend watching it!) There are only four authors that have ever made me gag and want to vomit repeatedly – Alexander S. Brown, Jason Fedora, Clive Barker, and Michael D’Ambrosio. Yet, all four of these authors can tell a story rather well, showing off their creativity. Three of them I call good friends. Even if you take the gore out of their stories, they still are worthwhile reads. I highly recommend these four if you are into horror, splatterpunk, dark fantasy, and just good books.

    While doing the social media research for this review, I noticed that there is a Night Creeps II on the AZ Publishing website. . . . . . I’m really not sure if I want to read it . . . . . yeah, I probably will!

  22. Just finished Queen of Pain. Wow! That Marina is my kind of girl. I loved the expanded plot that developed from Princess Pain. This was so like Mission Impossible. I hope there’s more of Marina in the future. She is one bad-ass babe.

  23. Hey, dude! I finally finished your last book. Marina really kicks ass! When will Reign of Pain be out? Is Space Truckers part of any of the other series? Please. tell me there’s a movie comin’. See you at RavenCon hopefully this year.

  24. Mike sorry I missed your last day!!

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