Mar 01

I’ve just returned from the beautiful Chattanooga area and had a most enjoyable trip. Connooga 2018 was outstanding. Each year, the convention improves in so many different ways. The attendance was great and book sales were amazing. I missed the last two years and was overwhelmed by the number of people who remembered me. Then, there was McKay’s Bookstore just outside of Chattanooga off Rt. 75. exit 7. The staff were so pleasant and sociable. The crowd they draw every night is amazing. McKay’s also has stores in Nashville and Knoxville. If you get a chance to visit one of them, do it. Most of their items are second hand but their rating system tells you how good or bad the item is. The selection of music, instruments, books, games and many other items is unbelievable.
No word on the release of Queen of Pain yet. Medical issues have hindered AZ Publishing recently but are expected to improve soon. They’ve always done a great job for me so patience is earned by them. I’ve been very active with marketing my screenplays. It’s been a frustrating spell as there is much interest but no takers as of yet. I hope to focus more of my attention on the Space Truckers novel in the near future. That’s kind of slid to the back burner for a while now. No worries, though. It is coming.
Next events are AmaziCon in Wilmington, DE and SciFiValleyCon in Altoona, PA, both in the first two weeks of June. I am working on adding more events for the latter part of the year so join me for more details in the next update. Join me again soon for more on upcoming events and projects.


Mike D’Ambrosio

Feb 18

Greetings everyone. Spring is just a stone’s throw away and the convention season is underway. Next weekend, February 23-25, I’ll be one of the guests and a vendor as well at Connooga in Chattanooga, Tennessee. On Monday, February 26th, I will be at McKay’s Books from 5-9 pm in Cleveland, Tennessee, just off route 75 at exit 25. For my Tennessee fans, join me for a fun-filled evening at one of the biggest book stores I’ve ever seen.
On June 1st to the 3rd, I’ll be at Amazicon on route 202 in Wilmington, DE. The following weekend, June 8-10 you can find me at SciFiValleyCon at the convention center in Altoona, Pennsylvania. I’ll be adding more events later so check in to see if I’ll be at an event near you.
My latest novel and sequel to Princess Pain, The Queen of Pain, has been delayed. I don’t have a time for release yet as my publisher has been dealing with a medical issue. Hopefully she will mend soon and we can turn the Queen loose. My new novel, Space Truckers has been on hold as well, as I have been focused on marketing my screenplays. I am excited about Space Truckers, which is adapted from a new script I’ve written. It focuses more on technology in space and, while it includes a lot of action and fun ala 5th Element, it does pose an idea of possible future events in space.
I do hope to complete it this year. More to come. Join me again soon for the latest on my projects and events.

Jan 03

Hello everyone and welcome back from the holidays. I’ve been away most of December so my writing is a bit behind. Coming up in February is Connooga on February 23-25 in my future home of Chattanooga. I will have a table in the dealers’ room and will be on several panels as well. On February 26th, from 9-5 p.m., I’ll be at McKay’s Book Store just off of 75 at exit 25 in Cleveland. I had a chance to check out McKays last week and I was very impressed with it. In a humongous building, there are two floors with just about anything you can imagine on the shelves. I was also wowed by the number of customers there as well. I’m really excited about this event. I mentioned Chattanooga as my future home. In less than four years, I expect to be living just outside of the city near Kimball. That’s also a convenient location for many of the southern conventions as well.
Unfortunately, I had to cancel out of Farpoint due to work related issues. I will be attending Amazicon on June 1st to the 3rd in Wilmington, DE, for all my local friends and fans. The following weekend, I will be at SciFiValleyCon in Altoona, PA. Look for more events to pop up in my schedule as we get closer to spring.
I still don’t have a date yet for the Queen of Pain. With the number of events my publisher hosted in Phoenix, and my time away, we haven’t completed the cover yet. It’s coming soon though, I promise. I’ve completed the pilot for Space Truckers but still need to complete the series bible. The movie script is already completed so I have two options to offer. I’m still receiving inquiries from producers for all of my scripts but so far, no one is pulling the trigger on an offer. They say patience is a virtue. We will see. Join me again soon as I hope to have a release date for the Queen of Pain. Stay warm, my friends, as it’s one of the coldest winters I can remember so far.

Oct 15

The long awaited arrival of The Queen of Pain is nearly upon us. My publisher has nearly completed the cover and we’re near a release date. For those of you not familiar with the Queen, this is the sequel to Princess Pain. Lead character Marina continues to wreak havoc on her enemies as her fate does not appear to be a peaceful one. Filled with futuristic action, the Queen of Pain will not disappoint.
My speaking at the event was a very pleasurable experience. We had a really good crowd and I had the opportunity to speak on a number of things. I’d like to offer a special thanks to Rosemary Labarge for having me at the Collier Library Headquarters and for a great job promoting the event. The Collier Library will have my books on file very shortly, making them available to all Collier County residents and visitors.
Unfortunately, I had to cancel my appearance at Wellsboro Book Festival, but I have added the Mesa Book Festival on December 9th to my list of stops. The festival runs from 2-8 and I should be there by 5:30 until closing. I will be attending PhilCon in November at the Cherry Hill Crowne Plaza as well for my local fans and friends. There is still nothing new to report on the screenplays, other than the interest continues to grow. The script adaptation of To Fly Again is on hold for contract issues with my other publisher and the writer. Details are very important when adapting someone else’s work. Coming up in February, I will be attending Farpoint and Connooga. On February 26th, the day after Connooga, I will be appearing at McKay’s Books, just off I-75 north of Chattanooga. I am working on details for X-Con in Myrtle Beach and hope to be there in May.
Of my latest projects, I have had my hands full with Space Truckers. The movie script is completed. The novel is about half-finished but the new wrinkle is that I am also working on a pilot and series bible for Space Truckers. I have had several inquiries as to the availability of a pilot versus a feature script. At first, I wasn’t sure it would work, but once I started into the novel, I realized there was so much more I could show. Let’s hope that some creative producer can see it too. Thank you again for joining me and come back soon for more information on my literary and film worlds.

Jul 08

Welcome back, everyone. I’ve just returned from WesterCon in Phoenix and getting down to business once more. I have a nice lull until September when things pick up again on the road. Thanks to everyone at WesterCon for a great time. The staff put a lot of hard work into the convention and the staff at Tempe Mission Palms were more than supportive of the convention. I’m hoping to join them again in either Denver next year or Utah in 2019.

I’d also like to send a special thanks to Kim Richardson, a very lovely lady from Memphis, who recently reviewed Night Creeps. For those of you who know Kim, she’s a tough reviewer who isn’t bashful about expressing her thoughts on a story. A while back, she wrote a nice review on Princess Pain as well. I love the way she presents her thoughts on a story. You can see it under Reviews in this site.

I now have copies of TV Gods- Summer Programming, the sequel to TV Gods. Queen of Pain is coming soon as well. I don’t have a date yet but it will be before summer’s end. This is one wild sequel to Princess Pain. So much happens that changes characters, both good and bad. The big question: Does Marina go back to her old ways? Hmm. You’ll have to wait and see.

I’ve been occupied with an adaptation I was hired to do. It’s a non-fiction story which is quite different than fiction and takes significantly longer than I expected; however, it is coming along. Unfortunately, the Space Truckers novel is on hold until I finish. The script for Space Truckers has gotten a lot of interest from movie industry professionals but, unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee a deal. I recently had increased interest in the Space Frontiers: Eye of Icarus as well. I hope that, with the renewed interest in space, producer interest in my sci-fi scripts will lead to a movie or TV series. I have the space probes and their pictures as well as Space X and Orbital Sciences and their progress toward space travel to thank for the resurgence in space interest. I recently saw episodes of The Expanse and was impressed with the detail and creativity they applied for a space-based series. Very well done.

In February, I will join Connooga in Chattanooga on February 23rd to the 25th, doing both panels and selling in the dealers area. This is an exciting convention that has grown from a small venue and 500 people at the Choo-Choo Hotel to a Comicon atmosphere at the Chattanooga Convention Center and thousands of attendees. The programming has grown considerably as well to include Cosplay, Gaming, Anime, and many other genres in addition to programming and art. Chattanooga is a beautiful city with much to offer as well. If you are attending from out of town, spend some extra days and see the area.

I’m also working on details with McKay books in Chattanooga at 7734 Lee Highway for a store event during Christmas week. We’re working on something really special. More to come as the information becomes available. Well, time to get back to work. Join me again soon to see what’s new in my world.