Apr 24

Hello, everyone. Welcome back for another session with me and my literary worlds. Some additional news on the convention front; I’ve just committed to InConjunction in Indianapolis on July 4-6 as well as MileHiCon on October 22-24. This will be my first time in Indy and a return visit to Denver after about four years. I recently had a request for a copy of the Princess Pain script from a prominent movie company I made contact with through the Inktip website. In addition, I’m working to complete Night Creeps 2 before the end of summer. I’m about two-thirds through but I am in the middle of a hectic work schedule which has been slowing down the writing.
In May, I’ll be spending some time in the Phoenix area for LepreCon and several other events. Later in the month, I’ll be in Hunt Valley (Baltimore) for BaltiCon and the release of the anthology TV Gods from Fortress Publishing. This is my first short story to be published and I’m really excited about it. Later June, I’ll be in Altoona, PA for Sc-FiSummerCon. Well, got to get back to work. Lots of writing and planning to do. Join me again soon for more details on my projects and appearances. Have a great Spring everyone.

Apr 07

Hello, everyone. Winter is finally receding from most of the country, but not without a fight. I just returned from a weekend in Carlisle, Pennsylvania at Central Pennsy. Comicon. While it was more oriented toward gaming, comics, and movies, I still met a lot of fun people and even sold some books. This is a growing convention in its first year and has a lot of potential. The programming was very well organized and there was a great lineup of artists and special effects people.
Some new things going on with my projects that I’d like to pass along: The Eye of Icarus will have a new cover soon. I was never a fan of the current one and it has done very little for sales while the other books have been selling well. Patti Hultstrand, my publisher at AZ Publishing is doing the cover for me and Helm Publishing. Patti also did the Galaxy of the Damned cover for Helm and the latest Fractured Time cover for AZ. She’s very talented and has come up with something really exciting.
While away this weekend, I was contacted by a producer who requested a copy of the Princess Pain script. This is very exciting news when they’ve read the synopsis and still want to see the sccript.Time to cross some fingers.
Coming up next month is LepreCon in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ll be spending a little time down there for some events as well as the convention. I’ll be posting those as soon as I have exact details. Later in the month, I’ll be at BaltiCon where Fortress Publishing will be releasing TV Gods, a new anthology full of fun stories about mythological characters in modern day TV shows including Greek on the Beach (or Perseus meets Charlie Harper). This is my first short story to be published so I’m very excited.
I’ve just committed to SciFi Valley Con in Altoona, Pennsylvania for June 27th to the 29th. This will be my first time with these creative people and I’m looking forward to being a part of their event. More to come on that later. Join me again soon for new updates and information on my projects and maybe I’ll have something to say about the movie biz. Thanks again.