Mar 09

Greetings, everyone. Lots to talk about in my crazy world. February was a tough month for a lot of reasons. A few family issues to deal with but all is well now. Unfortunately, I had to cancel my appearances at Connooga and Farpoint. Hopefully next year I’ll be back. I still have Fan Expo (formerly Wizard World) in Philadelphia and SciFIValleyCon in Altoona, both in June. I plan on being there in the dealers room with a table for both of those.

Night Creeps and Night Creeps 2 have been pleasant surprises that caught me off-guard. It appears that a movie company is interested in the screenplays, not just for Night Creeps, but for Night Creeps 2 as well. My headache is that the script for Night Creeps 2 hasn’t been written yet. Needless to say, it will be. I can’t disclose more than that, other than to say that they were excited by the books which prompted the interest in the scripts.

As of last year, my books were not available in audio format. That has changed drastically as I have orders from large customers for a significant number of audio books for each of my eleven books. Another surprise I wasn’t prepared for but, alas, it is in progress.

You may remember that last year I had to find a new publisher as my prior one retired from publishing. All of my books are now under the Quantum Discovery label and available pretty much all over. You’ll notice the new book covers which are outstanding. Most of my website has been updated but there are a few images on the back pages to be replaced. I have to catch up with my website guru for that.

I have to mention that all of the good things mentioned above are a direct result of my fantastic agent who has done an awesome job opening the doors that other agents never got close to. I also learned quite a bit about the publishing world from her that I wasn’t aware of. Look for more exciting news as she is working on much more.

In addition, the second book in the Space Truckers series, The Return of the Blue Eagle, should be available by summer. Quantum Discovery doesn’t waste time in releasing a new book.

So what’s my current project(s)? I am working on Reign of Pain, the third book in the Pain Series. This one is tough because it overlaps with the new Space Truckers novel. Lead character Marina has more than a passing role in working with the crew of the Blue Eagle. I am also working on support materials for other scripts as well. The Christmas Solution (Holiday adventure) is high on my list right.

Join me again soon for more information, news and appearances. Stay warm and have a cheerful Spring.