Sep 21

Hello, everyone. Welcome back again. I had a wonderful time at Cocco’s Gelataria on Sept. 6th. I was really surprised by the turnout and the support in book purchases. There’s a chance I may speak with Teresa Cocco about doing this again closer to Christmas.
I’ve been off the radar for a bit as I’ve been working on my final draft of Night Creeps 2. Well, it is finally done, I’m happy to say. This was a difficult story for me as its a little more ‘adult’ than I’m used to writing. So many of my Night Creeps readers have asked for more of the good stuff that adults like to read. Well, if this doesn’t knock your socks off, I’ll be surprised. Of course, I’ve already been asked, “Will there be a Night Creeps 3?” I really don’t know right now. It depends on the response from my readers next year. I did leave a loose string for a third and I would be very impressed if someone picked it out. I recently sent the manuscript out for editing before forwarding it to my publisher. I’m hoping for a release in early January in time for the 2015 convention schedule.
Now, I have about a week and a half to finish a short story for an anthology whose theme is invisible characters. Once I finish that, I’ll be diving into the Quuen of Pain (not literally of course). We’ll find out how Marina adjusts to life in the big chair in her new role after Princess Pain. Coming up in November is PhilCon in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I plan on being there with a table in the dealers room as well. More to come in my next edition so check back soon.

Aug 10

Hello, everyone. Things are quiet right now on the convention circuit. I’m taking a little time off until the new year to focus on marketing my screenplays, completing Night Creeps 2, completing a short story for an anthology(details to come later), and to start work on The Queen of Pain (sequel to Princess Pain). I will be doing some local events in the Philadelphia area, though.
On September 6th, I’ll be at Cocco’s Gelataria (Primos, Pa) in the afternoon and evening. Nothing better than gelatto and a sci-fi author. I’m also working on several other one day events so check in with me from time to time and see what’s new.
Over the last several days, I’ve had three requests for scripts and four for synopses so let’s hope that one of these is my lucky number. With the weather so cool this summer, I’ve found it very inspirational for writing all kinds of things, including articles for the WOD, a convention newspaper and webzine out of the Phoenix area. I highly recommend you check this out if you have a chance. Well, back to the writing board. Join me again soon for more news and appearances. Have a great summer, everyone.

Jul 07

Well, we’re about halfway through the year now and I finally get a break from the road. I just got back from Indianapolis and InConjunction. This was my first visit to Indy and it was a very pleasant experience. The Marriott was a great venue for the convention and was more than accommodating to the patrons who attended. I stayed across the parking lot at the Fairfield Inn and Suites and they were just as accommodating to those of us staying there. These two alone are enough to make me go back next year. The bartenders at the Marriott were awesome as well as the other staff members.
I wasn’t able to get into the programming but I’m hoping to do so for next year’s convention. Jeff Thompson did a great job with the dealers room. It was spacious and very well organized. The volunteers did a great job taking care of everyone as well. I had a good time at the BarFleet party on Saturday night. They are a great bunch to hang with. I didn’t get to stay as long as I liked but I’ve been trying to make progress on the Night Creeps sequel. It’s getting closer, everyone.
Now I get a chance to stay home for a little while until October when I resume the convention trail in Denver at MileHiCon. Join me again soon for news and updates on what’s happening in my world.

Jul 01

This past weekend, June 27-29, was SciFiValleyCon in Altoona, Pennsylvania. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to be part of this convention for the first time. I hosted a panel each day for New Writers, Screenwriting Fundamentals, and Books to Movies. Each was well-attended and the people treated me so well. The convention itself drew well over two thousand fans and was very well run by Casey Bassett and his staff. On the lower level of the Jaffe Center were the artists, authors, publishers and the car show. The car show featured Christine, Back to the Future’s Delorean, Ghostbuster’s Ecto-1, the 1966 Batmobile, and the Jurassic Park Jeep. The number of artists and writers was enormous on the lower level. Upstairs were the dealers with a diverse and interesting array of merchandise. They were joined by several of the Indie film producers as well. The convention had a comicon atmosphere with the film festival and other events. The volunteer staff were awesome. I have not seen a group of volunteers so committed to being successful anywhere. Kudos to Casey and his staff for a job well done.
July 4th weekend, I’ll be in Indianapolis for my first trip to Inconjunction. I’m really looking forward to appearing in the area for the first time and making new fans. I’ll have more on this event next week. In the mean time, I’m getting close to completing Night Creeps 2 – A More Adult Horror Story. My issue right now is how I want to end it. I’m sure this will make all my readers who wanted ‘more adult’ happy.
Princess Pain is doing well, aprticularly among the ladies. It’s a strange thing how women and anger seem to go hand in hand. Only kidding, ladies! I’m sure the ladies are pointing a finger at their men right about now. I’ll be listing a lot of conventions for 2015 soon. I’m hoping to add some new stops along the way but we’ll see how my schedule lines up. Next week, I’ll have a little more information on what’s happening so join me soon as we catch up on things. Happy July 4th everyone.

May 27

Welcome back, everyone. I’ve just returned from BaltiCon and I’m gearing up for a number of other events as well. I had the opportunity due to a favorable schedule of panels to spend time with many of my friends, both authors and dealers alike. I also had a chance to see my good friend CJ Henderson who has been very ill but was able to attend the convention. I ask all of you to keep him in your prayers. He has a tough fight ahead of him. The TV Gods launch party was a smashing success. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, this is an anthology where mythological characters are plugged into a modern day TV series with some hilarious results. Kudos to my friends at Fortress Publishing for a great job making this a fantastic success. This was the first time I’ve sold a short story that was published. I’ve often found it difficult to adapt from a novel length story to a short story.
On June 14th, from 10-6, I’ll be joining several other authors from TV Gods at the York Emporium at 373 W. Market St. in York, PA, of course. For those of you who can come by, my friends at the store have a whole day of events planned for “Sci-Fi Saturday” so come on down and see what’s going on. The store is gigantic and they have an awesome selection of used books at great bargains. Check out their site at .
On June 27th to the 29th, I’ll be at Sci-FiValleyCon in Altoona, Pa. This will be my first time with this convention and it looks like it should be a great time. July 4th to the 6th, I’l be at Inconjunction in Indianapolis for my first time with the Indy crew as well.
I’m getting closer to the completion of Night Creeps 2 and its definitely a more adult horror story than the original. You’ll soon notice that ‘Space Frontiers: The Eye of Icarus’ will have a new cover. This is something that I’ve wanted for a long time and my publisher, Helm Publishing, has agreed to the change. I felt the old cover was so ‘lacking’ compared to the others. I turned to my very talented friend and publisher, Patti Hultstrand, to spin her creative magic and come up with something exciting. As usual, she was awesome. I’m sure all of you will appreciate the sci-fi appeal of the new look. Join me again soon for more updates and appearances.