Apr 07

Hello, everyone. Winter is finally receding from most of the country, but not without a fight. I just returned from a weekend in Carlisle, Pennsylvania at Central Pennsy. Comicon. While it was more oriented toward gaming, comics, and movies, I still met a lot of fun people and even sold some books. This is a growing convention in its first year and has a lot of potential. The programming was very well organized and there was a great lineup of artists and special effects people.
Some new things going on with my projects that I’d like to pass along: The Eye of Icarus will have a new cover soon. I was never a fan of the current one and it has done very little for sales while the other books have been selling well. Patti Hultstrand, my publisher at AZ Publishing is doing the cover for me and Helm Publishing. Patti also did the Galaxy of the Damned cover for Helm and the latest Fractured Time cover for AZ. She’s very talented and has come up with something really exciting.
While away this weekend, I was contacted by a producer who requested a copy of the Princess Pain script. This is very exciting news when they’ve read the synopsis and still want to see the sccript.Time to cross some fingers.
Coming up next month is LepreCon in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ll be spending a little time down there for some events as well as the convention. I’ll be posting those as soon as I have exact details. Later in the month, I’ll be at BaltiCon where Fortress Publishing will be releasing TV Gods, a new anthology full of fun stories about mythological characters in modern day TV shows including Greek on the Beach (or Perseus meets Charlie Harper). This is my first short story to be published so I’m very excited.
I’ve just committed to SciFi Valley Con in Altoona, Pennsylvania for June 27th to the 29th. This will be my first time with these creative people and I’m looking forward to being a part of their event. More to come on that later. Join me again soon for new updates and information on my projects and maybe I’ll have something to say about the movie biz. Thanks again.

Mar 29

Just completed arrangements to join the crew at Sci-Fi ValleyCon in Altoona, Pa. on June 27th to the 29th. This will be my first appearance at the convention and I’ve heard great things about them. I’m also making my final preparations for Central Pennsylvania Comicon as well. I have some exciting panels scheduled over the weekend of April 5th and 6th. At noon on the 5th, I’m doing ‘New Writers – How to Market and Promote Yourself. Later that day at four o’clock, I’m doing ‘Things to know before you write the screenplay’. On Sunday, April 6th, I have ‘Pirates and Science Fiction – Why We Love Them’. These are panels I’ve done in the past and have always been a lot of fun.
Don’t forget, in May, I’ll be at LepreCon in Mesa, AZ and BaltiCon as well. I enjoy flip-flopping all over the country and meeting lots of new fans. This is your opportunity to get your first look at my new novel, Princess Pain. She’s a real heart-stopper.

Mar 25

Wow, what a fantastic weekend I had at MidsouthCon. There were so many good things that happened this weekend that left me amazed. For one, I was awed by the number of new fans who came by and purchased copies of all my books. The number of fans at the convention impressed me as well. When the dealers’ room closed at 2:00 on Sunday, it was still crowded with customers! The convention boasted an all-star lineup with a number of popular writers including Steve Zimmer, Kim Richardson, Georgia Jones, and many others. Midsouthcon has an outstanding program along with workshops and the authors who lead them. I plan on returning next year to the Hilton East in Memphis for MidsouthCon 33. If you can travel to the Memphis area, you should get to this con. It’s well worth it.
In a few weeks, I’ll be at the new Central Pennsylvania Comicon in Carlisle, Pa. just outside Harrisburg. Look for me on four exciting panels on Saturday and one on Sunday on a variety of topics. Then come by my table for some friendly conversation and check out my collection of books. The convention website can be found at http://www.centralpacomiccon.com for more information.
Coming shortly after, I’ll have details on LepreCon in Mesa, AZ and BaltiCon in Hunt Valley, MD. Join me again soon for more information on upcoming cons and appearances.

Mar 12

I’d like to thank Shilough and the Doylestown Book Shop for being the latest book store to carry my latest novel Princess Pain. I was very impressed with the store and the staff were so pleasant. If you are in the Doylestown area, I highly recommend a visit.

Feb 26

Welcome back, everyone. I’ve just returned from an exciting weekend at Connooga in Chattanooga, TN. I also had the pleasure of joining with my new publisher, Dave Mattingly of Blackwyrm Publishing, for the release of Princess Pain at the convention. The attendance was outstanding and the convention, I am told, will move all their events to the Convention Center next year. I met several fans who purchased books from me previously and many new fans who purchased for the first time. While it’s a compliment that previously readers return for more, I am always excited to get new fans. Things went so well that I already agreed to return next year.
So, now that Princess Pain is out, Many have asked the question, “Is this a series?” Of course it is. Now how many books will be in the series, I’m not sure yet. I can tell you that I’m laying out the plots and the sequences for book 2 and it will be titled “Queen of Pain”. Princess Pain is like having Lara Croft with anger issues in a Blade Runner environment. Just because its on another planet or space station, it doesn’t make it the nicer side of town.
I have been working on a sequel to Night Creeps called appropriately Night Creeps 2. Night Creeps had a caution on the front that it was an adult horror tale and which it was but I sensed that many of my readers hoped that adult meant a little more … Well, you get my point. In Night Creeps 2, I assure you, there will be more adult content and the caution will say A Very Adult Horror Tale on the cover. I don’t like to force things in a story but the sequel is ripe for it. While the first book had more zobie-like mutants, book two goes in a totally different direction. I’m about halfway through the sequel and hope to have it finished before the end of summer so I can begin writing Queen of Pain.
Things have been quiet on the movie front. With so many things going with my books and the weather to complicate travel, I haven’t had time to keep up with my contacts. I feel like I have three full time jobs: one that pays the bills, one as a writer of books, and the third as a screenwriter and marketer. There is a completed script for Princess Pain and I had really good feedback from a few producers who read it. In this part of the business, it’s all about timing and passion. It’s got to be there at the right time and the producer has to feel passionate about it.
I’m returning to Tennessee later in March for MidsouthCon and shortly after, a weekend visit near Harrisburg, Pa for the first ever Central Pa Comicon. May will be a busy month with several days in the Phoenix area and then BaltiCon over the holiday weekend. Soon I’ll be setting up signings in several areas. Check my appearances on the site for more details as they become available. Join me again for an update on MidsouthCon and other events I’m participating in.