Oct 28

Hello, everyone, and thanks for joining me again. I just returned from MileHiCon in the beautiful city of Denver and what a weekend it was. met lots of new fans who have boarded the Fractured Time train. Book sales always help keep the train rolling. I had some really cool panels with interesting authors including a Saturday night panel on Horror Movies, moderated by new friend Tom Fowler. The programming is outstanding and very detailed. Kudos to Rose Beetum for a great job. Gyn and Scott did a fantastic job with the dealers room including juggling to maximize the number of dealers comfortably in the hall. I’m hoping to return next year to join them once again. The Hyatt Tech Regency was also one of the highlights of the weekend. They earned a four star review from me. Everything from the service to the food was out of this world. Coming up next, I’ll be at the Tucson Comicon for a one day appearance on November 7th while I try to spend the balance of my trip in Phoenix, relaxing and finishing Queen of Pain.
On a different note: somehow the first editions of my Fractured Time series have appeared on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. These editions are no longer available and I’m still trying to resolve why this happened and how to undo it. For those of you looking to purchase copies, you can email me direct and place Fractured Time in the subject line. Thanks for your patience on this matter.
Nothing new to report on the screenplay front other than lots of interest, requests for material, and pitches which isn’t bad, but no deals yet. I have high hopes for my newest script, Space Truckers, which has generated more excitement in a short time than the others. I’m looking forward to finishing Queen of Pain so I can return to screenwriting as I have several ideas I’d like to convert. So much too do and not enough time to do it. We’ll keep this edition brief as I don’t have much more to tell than this. Join me again soon for more information on upcoming trips, projects, and news. Have a safe and happy Halloween. Thanks.

Oct 10

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to another Author’s Corner with me, your host. I’m close to finishing Queen of Pain, the sequel to Princess Pain. I’ve been really squeezed for time over the last three months, making it difficult to get my writing done. However, I am getting close. Needless to say, I do have a few appearances coming up. On October 23-25th, I’ll be in Denver for MileHiCon. I do have a table in the dealers’ room and will be doing panels as well. After that, I’ll be in Tucson for a one day appearance at Tucson Comicon on November 7th. Look for me at the AZ Publishing (my publisher) table. My next stop won’t be until after the holidays in Williamsburg, Virginia on January 15th for Marscon. I want to make sure I finish Queen of Pain and a short story for the sequel TV Gods – Summer Programming as well.
This month, my new script Space Truckers is being pitched to a producer in Los Angeles. It’s a fun script where corporate greed is the focus in a sci-fi environment, ripe with aliens and angry ex-spouses. Fingers crossed on this one. No news on the others which are under consideration. As I’ve often mentioned, it’s a fickle business that requires a lot of patience. Join me again soon for an update and hopefully some breaking news on the scripts. Happy Halloween and enjoy a cool fall season.

Aug 10

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to the Worlds of Fractured Time and your favorite author, me!!! I’m working diligently on Queen of Pain, the sequel to Princess Pain, and hope to have it completed by October. In the mean time, I’ve been accepted to create and submit another short story to Fortress Publishing for TV Gods – Summer Programming. This is the comical sequel to TV Gods where my short story Greek on the Beach featured an episode of Two and a half men with Perseus meeting Charlie Harper.
On the screenplay front, I’m still waiting for word from a production company in the LA area regarding my Space Truckers script. This is a very exciting sci-fi/action script that I would love to novelize when I’m caught up on the other projects. Imagine that corporate greed can be a dangerous thing when two ex-spouses attempt to work together. This company was very interested from the get-go so hopefully things continue to progress.
I was approached in May about working on two projects next year to write the scripts for them. Of course, I’m interested in working with them. I hope to have more details before the end of the year on this. I’ve reworked my Princess Pain script and re-titled it The Courier. The new version makes the story more land-based instead of space-based to lower the budget, thus making it more attractive.
Coming up on Saturday, August 15th, I’ll be at Cocco’s Gelateria in Primos, Pennsylvania. For those of you who came last year, we had a great time and lots of ice cream/gelato. I’ll have all my books on hand and, as always, I enjoy meeting new friends and fans. So come on by to talk, ask questions, or peruse the books. I will have copies of Night Creeps 2, my adult (really adult) horror novel on hand as well.
I’ll be spending some time on the West Coast soon to catch up with some family, friends and business contacts. Perhaps I might even get some writing done as well. After that, I’ll be in Louisville for their newest sci-fi convention, Enter the Imaginarium. I’m excited about returning to Denver in October for MilehiCon. It’s been a few years since I’ve been there and I have a lot of fans to see. After that, I’ll be in Phoenix for a week. I’ll have details on media events as it gets closer. For the fall, I cut back on the number of invites I accept to conventions due to my writing workload. My convention schedule will pick up in January with a series of appearances. See my schedule of appearances on the site for more information. Join me again soon for details on my upcoming events and projects. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your summer.

Jun 25

After returning from the Library of Congress, I can finally focus on writing again. My experience at the LoC was awesome. There are so many new exhibits since my last event there in 2012. I have to give special thanks to Hope O’Keefe for having me come in to speak and for showing us a wonderful time. The LoC has the What if…? sci-fi program and has brought in a variety of guests over the years. It’s always an honor to join them.
Now, I must get down to business with The Queen of Pain. With a number of potential projects looming ahead, I really want to put the time into Q of P and make it better than Princess Pain. For those who have already read Princess Pain, there was quite a body count starting with the first scene. There will still be a body count but in a more complex plot involving several character from book one.
Regarding my other projects; I am very excited about writing the novel fro my script Space Truckers. Even more exciting is the interest I’ve received form motion picture companies. I hope to have the novel ready or near ready to go if we are going to see a Space Truckers movie. I also had a preliminary offer to do some adaptations next year for two sci-fi projects. If that offer pans out, then I will need to commit my time to that.
My friends from Fortress Publishing are seriously considering a sequel to TV Gods because of the fan interest in the original. I’ve been asked to put my ideas together as a decision will be made soon. I already have my story line with a certain Greek goddess in a TV series about lawyers. Can you guess? I bet not but you’ll like it.
It’s nice to have a little break in the travel schedule but in August, I’ll be active again with an appearance at WVPopCon in Morgantown, West Virginia. Join me again soon for an update on my literary and film worlds. Have a great summer everyone.

May 31

Wow, what a whirlwind of events! Just finished SciFiValleyCon, BaltiCon and SciFiSaturday at Carlisle High School in consecutive weekends. Coming up on June 13th is SciFi Saturday at the York Emporium and on June 24th, I’ll be speaking at the Library of Congress. The next big event is West Virginia Pop Con in Morgantown on August 22nd and 23rd. Between now and then, I am hoping to make some serious headway on several of my projects. Recently at BaltiCon, I spoke with a prominent producer about possibly joining his team next year for two projects if their current project goes well. Totally blown away by the conversation, I realize that I have to wrap up my writing projects as the project he mentioned will take a lot of time and commitment. Sooooo, what do I have on my plate?
I’m working on chapter 3 of The Queen of Pain and I’d like to have that finished by the end of summer for a late December release. I have a lot of fans of Princess Pain who are very anxious to see how our girl handles anger management in her new life. I’m also working on chapter 2 of Space Truckers. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Space Truckers is a script I completed recently and have received a lot of interest in it. Should a motion picture company option or purchase the script, I’d like to be ready with the new novel to help promote the film. The date for this release will be dependent on what happens with the script. My friends at Fortress Publishing are considering a TV Gods II and have stoked the fires of creativity for more mythical characters in modern day TV shows. In TV Gods I, my short story Greek on the Beach was published in the anthology. I already have an idea for TVGII. I also committed to working with a creative fellow with scripts for RPGs and other items revolving around his world building. The ideas he presented me with sound very interesting and I love a challenge.
With all of this on my plate, I am already considering paring down my 2016 travel schedule to make sure I can meet all these commitments. Join me again soon for an update and any breaking news on the ‘hot’ stuff. Take care, everyone.