Jun 14

Hello, everyone! Welcome back for more exciting news. First of all, Space Truckers 2 is now available in book format on all the major online venues and soon in the stores. The audio formats for both Space Truckers 1 and 2 will be available around October. Currently, the audio formats for Princess Pain, Queen of Pain and the three Fractured Time novels are still in recording. Princess Pain will be available by July in audio format. The others are coming soon after.

I was unable to make the two conventions this month due to a family member’s health issue. While disappointed, things have worked out for the better. Currently, I don’t have anything planned for the rest of this year because of the current work load. I do anticipate being at Connooga in Chattanooga, Tennessee in February though.

Last post, I mentioned that a few of my books had made the NY Times Best Sellers list and would be listed soon. Now, for the exciting update:

*For the third quarter (July-September), Night Creeps, Princess Pain, and Space Frontiers: The Eye of Icarus will be listed.

*For the fourth quarter (October-December), Fractured Time and Space Truckers 1 will be listed!

Even more exciting is the movie interest in the screenplays for the books. It sounds like we may be seeing several of my novels going to the movies! By November (or earlier), I should have final announcements on each of them, including my Christmas adventure script The Christmas Solution. While most have been feature (movie) scripts, Fractured Time is a pilot with 12 episodes for season one. This would be really exciting to see developed. This has been a busy time for me with providing the materials to the producers. This includes treatments, cinematic trailers, and other marketing tools.

Meanwhile, I am continuing to work on Reign of Pain, the third book in the Pain series. No timeline on that yet because of the other projects. Join me again soon for an update on these and any new projects that come along. Thanks for your support and have a great summer.

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