Aug 10

Hello, everyone. Things are quiet right now on the convention circuit. I’m taking a little time off until the new year to focus on marketing my screenplays, completing Night Creeps 2, completing a short story for an anthology(details to come later), and to start work on The Queen of Pain (sequel to Princess Pain). I will be doing some local events in the Philadelphia area, though.
On September 6th, I’ll be at Cocco’s Gelataria (Primos, Pa) in the afternoon and evening. Nothing better than gelatto and a sci-fi author. I’m also working on several other one day events so check in with me from time to time and see what’s new.
Over the last several days, I’ve had three requests for scripts and four for synopses so let’s hope that one of these is my lucky number. With the weather so cool this summer, I’ve found it very inspirational for writing all kinds of things, including articles for the WOD, a convention newspaper and webzine out of the Phoenix area. I highly recommend you check this out if you have a chance. Well, back to the writing board. Join me again soon for more news and appearances. Have a great summer, everyone.