Apr 30

Welcome back, everyone. Just finished a fun filled Saturday at Carlisle High School. Kudos to Kathy Schock and her staff for a great show. I”ve had several people from high schools in other locations ask about her event. Fortress Church is in the last stages of preparation for TV Gods – Summer Programming. I have a short story titled Out for Justice featuring the goddess Nemesis in a mock episode of Suits. This, the second anthology, is due for release this month.
Now, it’s time to get back to work. The Queen of Pain, the exciting sequel to Princess Pain, is due for release shortly. More to come as I learn the details. I have several other projects developing as we speak. While the Space Truckers novel is in progress, I have lots going on in the world of screenwriting. Lots of work to do but not enough time. More to come on those as they unfold.
Next stop for me is Phoenix, Arizona for WesterCon 70.I’ll be joining a lot of my cross-country friends at the Tempe Mission Palms over the 4th of July week to put on a great show for all the sci-fi fans from the southwestern part of the United States (and those from further away as well). I may be adding a few other events over the summer as well. I love getting away but I do have to work sometime. Join me again soon for more information on my appearances, projects and accomplishments.