Marina is a hot-looking, cold-hearted courier for a smuggling operation and likes to play rough until her true identity surfaces. She reluctantly takes on two unlikely allies against the forces of a militia leader and his assassin lover. When she finally confronts her nemesis, she learns a shocking secret that changes everything she based her life on.
Princess Pain is a futuristic action story that will rock your socks.
As the series continues, her best efforts to be the kind and caring ruler her friends encourage her to be are thwarted as the universe is filled with those who seek to ruin her life and revive the bad-ass, violent demeanor that characterized her as Princess Pain.

Queen of Pain is the second book in the Pain series. Marina’s attempt to lead a normal life falls short when her kingdom is besieged by dangerous mercenaries, hired to bring her under the control of a huge corporation. Her return to a life of violence against a plethora of enemies despite guidance from unlikely allies becomes necessary to vanquish an enemy far superior and organized than any she faced before.