Apr 11

Just finished the weekend at FanExpo (formerly Wizard World) in Philly at the convention center. I was amazed by how well Space Truckers was received by fans. It was one of my most successful shows from a selling standpoint as Night Creeps 1 and 2 sold almost as well. The fans were great and the costumes even better. So good to see everyone having fun again.

Next up is RavenCon on April 29th in Richmond, Va. That is another area where the people have been really good to me over the years. I am working on a number of appearances yet and hope to have details soon. I will be at the Collingswood, NJ Book Festival on October 1st. I’m waiting for a commitment from Multiverse in Atlanta. It’s tough for me to do a convention and not have a table in the dealers room to sell from. All the conventions have been good about trying to accommodate me with a table. I’m long overdue for a return to Atlanta. My last few appearance there were for DragonCon. Unfortunately, that con has grown much too big for me.

Look for more regular updates as new appearances are added. Fingers crossed that we’ll have some news on the movie front as well. There’s plenty to be optimistic about.

There are some items on the website that I have to address, regarding Space Truckers, The Buy Now link is not active, and the book cover is not on the carousel yet. I hope to meet with my website guru soon to fix those details. Space Truckers is available through Amazon, bookstores and through most online venues. Even better, you can get them from me at a discounted price personalized. Thanks for joining me and come back soon for more updates on my projects.