The great pantheons of the world run amok through eighteen tales of wonder and hilarity. Discover how the Egyptian gods use Night Court for judging the souls of the dead. What will happen when an office of Greek gods is down-sized? Why are there Norse gods on a spaceship? There are stooges building a world! Deities on game shows! Stay tuned for these shows and more!
Includes Michael D’Ambrosio’s ‘Greek on the Beach’.

The heat of the summer has driven the gods of history to take refuge on the small screen. Once again, we bring you the unholy juxtaposition of your favorite television show overrun by your favorite pantheons – TV Gods: Summer Programming.

The White House’s state of the nation address will never be the same when delivered by Brahama. THe Greek castaways on a small island will have to make the best of things since their three-hour tour didn’t end as planned. Can an unlikely partnership unravel a murder or is the killing destined to become another unsolved X-Scroll? These eighteen tales will provide binge-worthy entertainment to help you beat the heat. No TV show is safe!