The Fractured Time Trilogy, beginning with Fractured Time, is an Alice in Wonderland journey that begins for a group of unsuspecting passengers when their plane passes through a mysterious anomaly and lands at an earthquake-ravaged airport. The area around them is transformed into a hostile prehistoric world in another time, another place, or possibly both.

Twisted Fate is the second book in the Fractured Time Trilogy. The mystery deepens as Billy Brock and his friends discover the villain who is responsible for placing them in the nightmarish world. Here, they must learn to become the hunters instead of the prey. Billy’s group is joined by shapeshifters and a human from an advanced world, who hold the key to restoring Billy’s former world.

Dark Horizon is the third book in the Fractured Time Trilogy. Billy and his friends attempt to stop the mad leader of the alien alliance from dispersing a doomsday weapon that could wipe out all of them. Billy and Penny part ways with surprising consequences while several key members are killed tragically.

The cast of characters drives the action from beginning to end. The female characters play strong roles, providing a competitive atmosphere for the male characters. Their adventures are sometimes humorous as they deal with exciting circumstances in addition to their own personal issues.

Men and women, boys and girls from age 12 on up, will find Fractured Time entertaining as the characters deal with real life problems with dysfunctional relationships in their battle for survival.
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