Aug 10

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to the Worlds of Fractured Time and your favorite author, me!!! I’m working diligently on Queen of Pain, the sequel to Princess Pain, and hope to have it completed by October. In the mean time, I’ve been accepted to create and submit another short story to Fortress Publishing for TV Gods – Summer Programming. This is the comical sequel to TV Gods where my short story Greek on the Beach featured an episode of Two and a half men with Perseus meeting Charlie Harper.
On the screenplay front, I’m still waiting for word from a production company in the LA area regarding my Space Truckers script. This is a very exciting sci-fi/action script that I would love to novelize when I’m caught up on the other projects. Imagine that corporate greed can be a dangerous thing when two ex-spouses attempt to work together. This company was very interested from the get-go so hopefully things continue to progress.
I was approached in May about working on two projects next year to write the scripts for them. Of course, I’m interested in working with them. I hope to have more details before the end of the year on this. I’ve reworked my Princess Pain script and re-titled it The Courier. The new version makes the story more land-based instead of space-based to lower the budget, thus making it more attractive.
Coming up on Saturday, August 15th, I’ll be at Cocco’s Gelateria in Primos, Pennsylvania. For those of you who came last year, we had a great time and lots of ice cream/gelato. I’ll have all my books on hand and, as always, I enjoy meeting new friends and fans. So come on by to talk, ask questions, or peruse the books. I will have copies of Night Creeps 2, my adult (really adult) horror novel on hand as well.
I’ll be spending some time on the West Coast soon to catch up with some family, friends and business contacts. Perhaps I might even get some writing done as well. After that, I’ll be in Louisville for their newest sci-fi convention, Enter the Imaginarium. I’m excited about returning to Denver in October for MilehiCon. It’s been a few years since I’ve been there and I have a lot of fans to see. After that, I’ll be in Phoenix for a week. I’ll have details on media events as it gets closer. For the fall, I cut back on the number of invites I accept to conventions due to my writing workload. My convention schedule will pick up in January with a series of appearances. See my schedule of appearances on the site for more information. Join me again soon for details on my upcoming events and projects. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your summer.