Dec 18

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and holiday wishes for everyone else. It’s been a busy fall for me with lots of projects winding down now. I’ve finished the first draft of Queen of Hearts: The Black Heart and now I’m doing my next edit/review of the story before I submit it to High Rock Press (formerly Blackwyrm). In addition, I’ve finished the short story No Justice for Fortress Publishing’s next anthology, the sequel to TV Gods titled TV Gods – Summer Programming. I couldn’t resist taking the summer legal series Suits and having some fun with it. Next, I have to get my schedule organized for some of the upcoming conventions. My next appearance is in Williamsburg, Virginia for Marscon on January 15th to the 17th.
I haven’t had much opportunity to work on my screenplays. I have several ideas and a potential pair of sci-fi adaptation projects for a prominent producer. If this takes place, I imagine it will take up the bulk of my year so I’m anxious to get caught up on the marketing of the scripts. especially with Inktip and Stage 32. Despite the interest in my scripts, I’m still anxiously awaiting the big call that says, “It’s time to sign!”
I’m considering doing the novel for my script Space Truckers, a sci-fi/action story of corporate greed and a hostile divorce that rivals War of the Roses. Join me again soon for more info on Queen of Pain, script news and upcoming appearances. Please note, Central Pa. Comicon has moved to a week later and from Lancaster to York, Pa. due to pending changes in the Lancaster venue’s ownership that may affect its availability. Thanks for coming by and enjoy your holidays.