Jan 11

Welcome back, everyone. You have my wishes for a promising new year and lots of good news. For starters, most of my books have been transitioned to Quantum Discovery for publishing. You may remember that my former publisher retired last year. Not only are the books available now with new and exciting covers, but they are available as audio books as well. I expect that late spring, not only Space Truckers will be joining them, but Space Truckers 2 as well. Now my focus is on completing Reign of Pain, the third and final book in the Pain series. Reign of Pain and Space Truckers 2 have a cross-over theme with Marina (Princess Pain) having a key involvement with the crew of the Blue Eagle in Space Truckers.

I was very fortunate to meet and contract with an exceptional literary agent at Quantum Discovery who has opened doors for me that I haven’t been able to reach in over twenty years. As a result, my books are reaching international markets as well as national. Recently, I learned that Night Creeps has become a New York Times best seller and will be featured in the February Issue. To top that off, Princess Pain just reached that status as well and I believe will appear in the March issue! I’m hoping that this will accelerate action in the movie industry as there are a number of professionals considering the scripts with funding the usual obstacle right now. I believe that someone soon will step up and capitalize on the screenplays for these stories.

With all these new changes and responsibilities, I will have to pare down the number of conventions I do each year. I will be appearing at Farpoint in February but I will likely have to cancel out of Connooga. I am still planning to attend SciFiValleyCon and Fan Expo (formerly Wizard World) both in June but I haven’t planned for anything after that. Join me again soon as things are getting very interesting and I wouldn’t want you to miss it. Take care everyone and stay warm & cozy until next time.