Aug 31

Hello, everyone. Lots to talk about since last posting. Most importantly, many of my books have been moved to a new publisher, Quantum Discovery. The Fractured Time Trilogy, Night Creeps series, and the Pain series will soon be available with new covers and a new price (lower)! They will soon be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s websites. Night Creeps may already be available.

Things are progressing along with the Space Truckers screenplay and an interested party. I can’t say more than that at this point. I am also collaborating on a pilot with a good friend that I’m finally making some progress with. I hope to have more on that soon.

This weekend (Labor Day), I’ll have a vendor’s table at RevolutionSuperfest in Phoenixville. On September 16th, I’ll be at the Showboat in Atlantic City for NJHorrorCon. October 1st, I’ll be at the Collingswood Book Fair. October 20th, I’ll be at MonsterMash in historic Smithville in Absecon, NJ. November 18-20, I will be at PhilCon in Cherry Hill, NJ. That is my fall lineup thus far.

My next post should have a lot more information and details about what’s happening in my projects as well as my 2023 schedule for conventions. I hope to have the website updated with new cover images and “Buy Now” links by then, as well. Join me again soon for more information and updates. Have a great fall season and hopefully I will see some of you at the conventions.