Feb 18

Greetings everyone. Spring is just a stone’s throw away and the convention season is underway. Next weekend, February 23-25, I’ll be one of the guests and a vendor as well at Connooga in Chattanooga, Tennessee. On Monday, February 26th, I will be at McKay’s Books from 5-9 pm in Cleveland, Tennessee, just off route 75 at exit 25. For my Tennessee fans, join me for a fun-filled evening at one of the biggest book stores I’ve ever seen.
On June 1st to the 3rd, I’ll be at Amazicon on route 202 in Wilmington, DE. The following weekend, June 8-10 you can find me at SciFiValleyCon at the convention center in Altoona, Pennsylvania. I’ll be adding more events later so check in to see if I’ll be at an event near you.
My latest novel and sequel to Princess Pain, The Queen of Pain, has been delayed. I don’t have a time for release yet as my publisher has been dealing with a medical issue. Hopefully she will mend soon and we can turn the Queen loose. My new novel, Space Truckers has been on hold as well, as I have been focused on marketing my screenplays. I am excited about Space Truckers, which is adapted from a new script I’ve written. It focuses more on technology in space and, while it includes a lot of action and fun ala 5th Element, it does pose an idea of possible future events in space.
I do hope to complete it this year. More to come. Join me again soon for the latest on my projects and events.