Mar 17

Welcome back, everyone! Lots going on – and not going on. My fourteenth novel and third in the Pain Series, Reign of Pain, is in the publishing process through Quantum Discovery. They’ve come up with another fascinating cover, exploiting the traits of our lead character Marina. The audiobook format will be created as soon as the final version of the book is approved.
Everything was going well with several distributors ready to place orders for my books. This is significant as I now have five books that made the NY Times Review magazine. While my novels haven’t made the top ten, they are among the best sellers, both nationally and internationally. A great start that has suddenly hit a wall.
Ingram’s, the printer/distributor for most books, has suffered an internal issue in their system and has halted printing for a while now. Needless to say, I don’t get paid until the orders are complete and that isn’t happening until Ingram’s straightens out their problem. This has posed a bigger problem for me as I need to renew the insurances on the books and the capital for that comes from my book revenue. Let’s hope for a fix soon.
Now, switch over to the movie world. I have just completed the screenplay for The Christmas Solution 2. I’m waiting for feedback from the Film Department at Quantum Discovery before they submit it to producers. There is significant interest in several of my scripts and I hope to have news on that soon.
In particular are two entities that are focused on both Christmas screenplays and both horror screenplays (Night Creeps). I expect to hear something back from them soon.
Next on my list of projects are the screenplays for Space Truckers 3 (based on part 2 of the novel Space Truckers 2) and Reign of Pain. Phew! After that, I’ll decide if I want to continue the Space Truckers series or start something new. Too soon to tell. I’ve been holding off on appearances at conventions because of my workload. I will likely start some local appearances before scheduling conventions again. Join me again soon for more details on my projects and appearances.

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