Jun 07

Welcome back, everyone. Lots going on since last post. The Ingram’s issue has been resolved and my books will finally be shipped to the distributor!
Reign of Pain, the third and final book in the Pain series, was released recently and the audio book is currently being recorded. Three chapters are already completed. The screenplay Reign of Pain, adapted from the novel is complete and submitted to my agent.
From recent discussions, I believe we may be close to not just one but multiple movie deals. I am wary because words often don’t translate into contracts in this business. It is, however, encouraging to know that the screenplays have made it past the development level and are at the level where the interested production companies are talking numbers with the potential buyers in the streaming industry. It sounds like I should have answers soon.
I am taking a break from writing right now because I’m working with marketing groups for an upcoming campaign, which hinges on the current book deal and potential movie deals.
I can tell you that my next project is the screenplay Space Truckers 3 which will be adapted from the second half of the Space Truckers 2 novel.
Join me again soon for more updates and information. Have a great summer everyone.

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