Dec 29

Happy holidays to everyone and welcome back. Not a whole lot to report as things have really slowed for the holidays. I hoped to have some exciting news to report but the writers strike pushed back some of the decision involving my screenplays. While I’ve been told very positive things about my projects, contract signing by the involved parties has been pushed back into the new year. Ugh! There are three primary parties involved with one seeking Night Creeps 1 and 2 screenplays, another seeking Space Truckers screenplay and a third interested in, not only my Christmas adventure script, but several of my sci-fi scripts as well. While this all sounds great, it means nothing without a signed contract, so hopefully soon.

The New York Times will be featuring Fractured Time and Space Frontiers: The Eye of Icarus in their 1st quarter magazine of best sellers, The New York Times Book Review. Originally, the novels were to appear in the fourth quarter magazine but they are now grouping their selections by genre per quarter.

I’d like to put out a special thanks to American Booksellers Association who have helped make this happen. They distribute novels to independent bookstores around the world and have done an awesome job in promoting my books. ABA is also provides audio books to the Federation of the Blind, which has also been a big help to me. Speaking of audio books, Twisted Fate is the last of my books to be converted to audiobook format on disk and should be available soon.

I recently completed Reign of Pain, the third and final book in the Pain series which featured some overlapping scenes with the characters in Space Truckers 2. This, my 14th novel, should be available before summer.

Currently I am working on the screenplay for Space Truckers 2: Return of the Blue Eagle. It was suggested to me by the primary parties interested in my screenplays that I have sequels prepared as the requests from the streamers (Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, etc.) has been for feature materials with more than one script and series that cover several seasons. While we’ve seen a lot of one season, eight-episode series, the preference seems to be for something lengthier. We shall see.

Not much going on with appearances right now due to the workload I have. I hope to return to the conventions by late 2024. Before I go, I want to put out a special thanks to Laura Sydney, my literary agent, who I like to refer to as Superwoman. She has done so much for me since we started working together in November of 2022. With her help, 2024 should be very exciting with all that we are involved in right now. Join me again soon for the latest and hopefully greatest news on my projects.

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