Jun 15

Hello, everyone. Welcome back for another Author’s Corner with me, Michael D’Ambrosio. There are a lot of things happening right now for me so I’ll tell you what I can. First of all, Queen of Pain is coming. I just don’t have a date yet. My publisher at AZ Publishing has been busy this convention season promoting her authors all across the southwest and has been squeezed for time. We haven’t had a chance to get together on the cover and jacket story yet which has been a big obstacle. My work has really tied me up as well so we’re both a bit behind. I’ll keep you posted on a new release date as soon as we nail one down.
I’ve taken on a writing project for one of my publishers, Dianne Helm, adapting a heart-breaking story to script. I can’t say much about it yet but will let you know when the time comes. TV Gods 2 – Summer Programming was just released by Fortress Publishing. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the TV Gods series, they are anthologies where mythological deities are placed in mock episodes of today’s TV series. In the first TV Gods, my story Greek on the Beach was published as one of their stories. Imagine Perseus and Charlie Harper of Two and a Half Men. In TV Gods 2, my story Out for Justice was also published as one of their stories. In this short story, the goddess Nemesis comes to New York in a mock episode of Suits where she encounters a famous lawyer on the show. These are fun books with lots of short stories from talented authors.
At the end of the month (June 30), I’ll be joining talented writers and artists from across the southwest at WesterCon in Tempe, Arizona. I was invited to participate on several panels including “Military Sci-Fi: Getting the Details Right”, “Workshop: Writing for Different Media: From novels to screenplays to comics and beyond”, “Beyond Gold and Silver: The Dawn of a New Age in Sci-Fi”, “Putting the “Sci” in Sci-Fi”, “Doorways and Devices: Accessing Magical/Alternative Realms”, and “The Return of the Space Opera”. WesterCon runs from July 1st to the fourth at the Tempe Mission Palms. For those not familiar with WesterCon, this convention rotates to different cities on the west coast, going north and south every year. This will be my third guest appearance at WesterCon. The people who attend WesterCon are awesome and are like a second family to me. They always treat e great there. Visit their website at http://westercon70.org/. Join me again soon for more information on upcoming appearances and my projects.

Apr 30

Welcome back, everyone. Just finished a fun filled Saturday at Carlisle High School. Kudos to Kathy Schock and her staff for a great show. I”ve had several people from high schools in other locations ask about her event. Fortress Church is in the last stages of preparation for TV Gods – Summer Programming. I have a short story titled Out for Justice featuring the goddess Nemesis in a mock episode of Suits. This, the second anthology, is due for release this month.
Now, it’s time to get back to work. The Queen of Pain, the exciting sequel to Princess Pain, is due for release shortly. More to come as I learn the details. I have several other projects developing as we speak. While the Space Truckers novel is in progress, I have lots going on in the world of screenwriting. Lots of work to do but not enough time. More to come on those as they unfold.
Next stop for me is Phoenix, Arizona for WesterCon 70.I’ll be joining a lot of my cross-country friends at the Tempe Mission Palms over the 4th of July week to put on a great show for all the sci-fi fans from the southwestern part of the United States (and those from further away as well). I may be adding a few other events over the summer as well. I love getting away but I do have to work sometime. Join me again soon for more information on my appearances, projects and accomplishments.

Mar 21

Welcome back, everyone. Spring is in the air and things are shaping up. I usually don’t do contests for my screenplays but I felt lucky and entered Wildsound Film Festival’s 1st Scene contest. I submitted the first scene from The Courier which is adapted from my Princess Pain novel. I was surprised to hear that I won and they recommended I enter the complete script into their screenplay contest coming up. Winning this contest isn’t about money or giveaways but more about the recognition the script will get now. The question that always comes up when I pitch to a producer is ‘Has it won any awards or contests?’. Not that it’s a disqualifier but it does certainly help get additional recognition and consideration.

In the meantime, my publisher is still working diligently on The Queen of Pain. Queen of Pain is the sequel to Princess Pain if you aren’t familiar with the title. I’m hoping we’ll be ready by May. I thought it would be available for Amazicon in April but it’s not looking like we’ll make it. A lot goes into the book preparation and my publisher at AZ Publishing is not one to shortcut to speed up a release. In the meantime, I’m marketing my scripts and working on Space Truckers, which we expect to be available sometime in early 2018. Space Truckers is the latest script I completed last year and I’m writing the novel to it now. The story will actually have a part two to it that I can write as a sequel script if I need to.

Speaking of Amazicon, for my friends who will be in the Wilmington, Delaware area during the weekend of April 7-9th, I will be at Amazicon at the Doubletree Hotel next to the Concord Mall on Rt,. 202. This is just across the border from Pa. and down the road a few miles from Targetmaster for you shooters. Amazicon has some really cool things as it is primarily a Comicon. I recommend checking out their website at www.Amazicon.net for some of the events. I will be doing some panels as well for those who want to hear or talk about books and movies and how they work together. On April 29th, I will be at Carlisle High School near Harrisburg for Sci-fi Saturday. They’ve asked me to do a panel or two as well. July fourth week, I’ll be in Phoenix for WesterCon, my second home of sorts. WesterCon is a very good convention that rotates cities on the west coast, usually alternating between north and south on the west coast. Join me again for more news on my projects and appearances.

Feb 20

Greetings, everyone. I had a wonderful time at Farpoint this weekend. The weather was unusually warm but pleasant and the attendance was very good. Thanks to everyone who attended my panels and joined me at my table in the dealers’ area of the Radisson’s atrium. The convention has an awesome layout at the hotel. This was one of the best conventions I’ve attended in terms of planning and execution. I could not recommend anything for improvement. Located just west of Baltimore in Timonium, it’s a great location with free parking. I’ve already agreed to return next year for Farpoint 2018.
Next stop is Amazicon on April 7th to the 9th. Located at the Doubletree Hotel on Rt. 202 in Wilmington, Delaware, it’s easily accessible from any direction. The convention already has a reputation for some outstanding and sometimes unusual entertainment. Check out their website for the magician who inhales fire and his partner who likes to lie on a bed of nails. I”m not kidding. I also learned this weekend that Sleezy Martini, the founder of the industrial rock group GWAR, will be joining Amazicon this year.
Between now and then, I will attempt to make some progress on Space Truckers and arrange for book promotion for the release of my latest novel, Queen of Pain. I’m sure you all know by now that Q of P is the sequel to Princess Pain and I’m hoping for a release date from my publisher soon. That’s all for now as I must return to my projects. Join me again soon.

Feb 11

Welcome back everyone. I hope to have a new release date soon for Queen of Pain, the Princess Pain sequel. We anticipated a January release but my publisher is working to make this novel as awesome as possible; so, I’ll let you know once we have a firm date. Coming up on February 17th is Farpoint Sci-fi convention in Timonium, Md., just outside Baltimore. I’ve been assigned several panels and I will have a table in the dealers room so come on down and see what’s happening. On April 7th, I’ll be participating in Amazicon in Wilmington, De. on Rt. 202 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Amazicon is a comicon style convention. I’ll have more on this convention as it gets closer.
Recently, I’ve been focused on marketing my screenplays. I’ve had great feedback but the market is tough right now with the Star Wars/Star Trek movies and DC Comics & Marvel steady stream of films. Every good story has its time though so I’m not deterred in my enthusiasm. Meanwhile, I’m still working my new novel, Space Truckers, adapted from my latest script by the same name.
In May, I’ll be part of Sci-Fi Saturday at Carlisle High School, hosted by Carlisle’s Kathy Schock. I’ll be speaking there as well as working a table in the gym to sell books. This event has been a lot of fun each year that we’ve attended. If you can attend, I highly recommend it.
Coming up in July is WesterCon and I’ve been invited again to join them in Tempe, Arizona. This is a well-run convention that offers a lot to the fans. It’s a west coast convention that alternates from northern cities to southern cities every year. The Phoenix area has always treated me well and I look forward to returning every chance I get. Join me again soon for more information on my projects and appearances.