Nov 08

Welcome back, everyone. This weekend coming up is PhilCon which, ironically, is in Cherry Hill, NJ across the river. I’m doing some interesting panels including Writing for Different Media, Dinosaur Fiction, Writing Fight Scenes, and Screenwriting Fundamentals. Today I was informed by WesterCon that I am invited to join them for WesterCon 70 in Tempe, Arizona. WesterCon in Tempe has been awesome in the past, especially their 4th of July fireworks. I will have a table at Amazicon in Wilmington, Delaware in April and may do a panel or two. More to come.
The Queen of Pain is on track for a January release, when I last spoke with my publisher. This is the ass-kicking adventures of Marina who doesn’t believe in diplomacy when solving a problem. Fortress Publishing will be announcing a date for the release of TV Gods – Summer Programming. They have chosen my short story based on the Suits series for inclusion into their anthology. My Greek on the Beach story was published in the original TV Gods as well.
Currently, I’m working on the novel to my latest script Space Truckers. The script has gotten a lot of raves but the flood of DC and Marvel Comics movies has made it difficult to ink a deal right now. I am collaborating on an adaptation with Pete Prellwitz for his Angel series which is taking a little time. The toughest part of an adaptation is deviating from the book. As a writer, it’s like selling your baby.
Join me again soon for additional information on upcoming appearances and projects.

Jul 25

With the searing heat limiting my outdoor activities, I’m getting a lot more work done on my projects. It’s official, I’ll be joining Farpoint in February, just outside of Baltimore as one of their guests. You can find their website under my links section. I’ve already confirmed with PhilCon for November as a guest as well. In January, the Queen of Pain will be released from AZ Publishing. For those who aren’t familiar with the Pain series, Queen of Pain is the sequel to Princess Pain. This series is full of action, violence and gristly deaths as well as our emotional heroine, Marina.

I’ve recently teamed up with my good friend, Pete Prellwitz, in adapting his tales of Carlita, The Angel of St. Thomas into a TV pilot. We hope to have the pilot ready for market by the fall. I’m progressing with Space Truckers, my new sci-fi/action novel, adapted from a recent screenplay I wrote. I didn’t intend to do a new series but this story is so exciting that I couldn’t resist.

My signing at Cocco’s Gelateria was a lot of fun, as usual. The extreme heat did limit the number of visitors to the store but we still had a great time. It’s always a pleasure meeting new friends and fans. A special thanks to Teresa and Mike Cocco for having me back and to their courteous staff. I look forward to seeing them next year. Join me again soon for more news on my projects and appearances.

Jul 04

After much angst, the website is finally back up. My former web hoster demonstrated much incompetence in supporting their servers when issues arrive. Fortunately, with help from a new friend and GoDaddy, the site is finally back up. So, welcome back,everyone.
Several events have happened since last time.
-Princess Pain and the new Queen of Pain (Due out in January) will be carried by AZ Publishing. We are in the process of transferring the files from the former publisher.
-I’ve started a new novel, based on a new script, titled Space Truckers and have gotten about two chapters into it.
-I’m collaborating on a project with a good friend and fellow writer Pete Prellwitz, adapting his novel, The Angel of St. Thomas to a TV series. This is my first collaboration and it’s been fun so far. My short story.
-My short story, No Justice, was accepted by Fortress Publishing for their upcoming anthology, TV Gods – Summer Programming. This is the second of the humorous TV Gods series. A release date has not been announced yet.
-I’ve accepted an invitation to PhilCon for November 18-20. I’m hoping to have a table in their dealers room as well.
-On July 23rd, I’ll be appearing at Cocco’s Gelataria for my annual summer signing. This is always a great opportunity to meet my friends and fans in a relaxed environment with lots of good food and desserts.
More information will be forthcoming about coming appearances and projects. Join me soon for another update and news. Have a great summer, everyone.

May 01

Hello, everyone. Lots of changes going on right now for me. Blackwyrm Publishing is no longer doing books, so fortunately for me, one of my other publishers, AZ Publishing (Patti Hultstrand) is eager to pick up Princess Pain. Even better, The Queen of Pain has been completed and AZ will be doing that one as well. We are looking at a January, 2017 release date. Now that the Queen is underway, I have been focusing on my screenplays again. There has been much interest in Space Truckers and, more recently, Space Frontiers. It seems there is a resurgence in interest in the sci-fi genre lately. I’m not sure why but these things come in waves.
If you’ve had trouble visiting my website because of a server or connection error, I’m having trouble with my Digital Ocean account. They seem to know why it goes down once a week, but haven’t given me a solution that works yet. I’ve checked in with my computer guru Jason Curran and I’m anxiously waiting for his thoughts on the problem.
My next appearance is on May 21st at Carlisle High School just outside Harrisburg for Sci-Fi Saturday. For anyone in the area, this event is a lot of fun. I will be joined by other authors and vendors in the gymnasium. I currently don’t have any appearances scheduled after Carlisle at this time but that could change. I needed the time to work on promoting and pitching my scripts and there just wasn’t enough time in the day to get anything done.
I did start on a new novel, Space Truckers, adapted from my latest script but there is no timetable right now for its completion. I’ll let you know more on that later in the year. I’d like to make more appearances at the multi-genre conventions and the film festivals where I can develop new contacts. Join me again soon for updates on my projects and new appearances. Have a great Spring, everyone.

Mar 07

I just returned from Central Pennsylvania Comicon held in York, Pa. at the Fairgrounds. Thanks everyone for a great time. I was honored to be their Author Guest of Honor thanks to the fans from the previous conventions. My lectures were well attended and I got to know many of the attendees afterwards at my table in the Dealers Hall. I especially want to thank all the new fans who purchased books from me. I look forward to seeing many of you at Regeneration and Carlisle High School’s Sci-fi Saturday.
The sequel to Princess Pain is just about done. I’ve been battling over the title – Queen of Pain or The Blackhearts. I think I’ll keep both and go with Queen of Pain: Blackhearts. I’ll let you know once the details and dates are worked out for its release. I was sorry to disappoint many of my fans who were anxious to see what happens to Marina and her nasty disposition. Don’t worry, it’s still there.
My new movie script Space Truckers is gaining more interest each week. Now, if only someone will sign on the dotted line. I’m considering writing the novel for Space Truckers and making a series of it. I’m also putting together the details for a Space Truckers sequel as well.
Coming up next on my schedule are Regeneration (Hunt Valley) and Carlisle High School. After that, there are no other conventions on my schedule right now. I had to cancel a few due to other obligations. I’m also allocating more time to my screenplays and their marketing. This is temporary so don’t fret if you aren’t on my list of stops. I will still be hitting the road hard at a later date.
Join me again soon for more information on the Worlds of Michael D’Ambrosio and where I’ll be popping up. Thanks again and have a great Spring.