Jun 20

Hello, everyone and welcome back. Lots to tell you now that the virus nightmare appears to be over. First of all, my list of appearances begins with Farpoint in February and then RavenCon in April. I’ll also be appearing at Wizard World/FanExpo in Oaks, PA in April as well. I will have more details on those later. It feels like its been ages since my last convention and I am anxious to see friends and fans again. Let’s hope the virus is behind us and things creep back to normal.

Next on my list is my latest novel, SPACE TRUCKERS: ADVENTURES OF THE BLUE EAGLE. The virus has complicated things especially when it comes to small press and independent publishers. Newman Springs was excited by the manuscript and as a result, I’ve elected to go with them as the publisher for my new series. Coincidentally, I’ve been working with Open Gate Entertainment on the development process of my script SPACE TRUCKERS. It’s been fun being part of that process and learning what is required. The story board they provided is exceptional. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a bit to see that. This is a big step in the direction of a SPACE TRUCKERS movie. As I begin the second book in the series, the big question is how to write the sequel to the feature script. I’ve discussed this with the development people at Open Gate and we are leaning toward a series of 1 hour episodes if SPACE TRUCKERS makes it to the big screen. Their thoughts are: So long as I have the material to write a series versus another feature (movie) script, then it makes sense to go in that direction. This is critical to the way I structure the new story. Check back soon for more on my progress and appearances. Have a safe and happy summer.

Mar 05

Welcome back, everyone. I’m sure you are as anxious as I am for the convention scene to come alive again. It sounds like we’re getting close. Hopefully the virus runs its course and fades out or the vaccines kick in and do their thing. I’ve been taking advantage of the time away from traveling to focus primarily on Space Truckers.

I’m working with Open Gate Entertainment preparing the script for Space Truckers: Adventures of the Blue Eagle and its essentials (i.e. treatment, beat sheet, etc.) and things are progressing nicely. I’m hopeful that, by the end of the year, we’ll have a deal for a Space Truckers movie. The novella is on hold right now for a few reasons. First, my publisher is no longer taking on new work due to her work load. I’m gonna’ miss her handling my new novels. Depending who I sign with, I may go to a full length novel instead of a novella. There is plenty of material for this series, both for film and book.

Assuming that there is a Space Truckers movie, it will be followed up by a series of one-hour episodes. This is important to decide before continuing because the books will need to be set up so each episode is constructed in alignment with the book.

Also, I expect to have Space Truckers interweaving with Reign of Pain, book three of the Pain series. Yes, Marina’s reign of Pain crosses over into the worlds of Space Truckers as both she and the crew of the Blue Eagle have common enemies to deal with. Join me again soon for new info on Space Truckers: Adventures of the Blue Eagle.

Nov 08

Hello, everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve been out and about as most events have been cancelled due to the virus. I’ve been very busy with  marketing and promotion for my screenplays. As usual, there’s a lot of interest but no one’s making an offer yet. I’m optimistic that something will happen soon. Some things just take time.

In December, I’ll meet with my publisher over the details for the release of my new novella Space Truckers: Adventures of the Blue Eagle. This is the first in a series and I’m currently working on book 2. The script for Space Truckers has won two contests already and interested a few producers. This series promises to be entertaining as it will intertwine with Reign of Pain, the third book in the Pain series which I’m writing concurrently with Space Truckers 2, providing more than a few scenes with Marina, the fiery guardian of her kingdom. Join me again soon as I hope to have more details to reveal on my projects and hopefully some appearances.

Jan 23

Hello, everyone and welcome back. I recently spent some time in Phoenix, meeting with my publisher to discuss some of my upcoming projects. We expect to have Space Truckers (a novella) released in late February. In the meantime, we agreed that there will be a third and final book in the Pain series titled Reign of Pain. This will be the end of the series and for a very good reason. Marina’s adventures will cross over into Space Truckers in Space Truckers II. It will be subtle at first but she will play more of a role in later episodes. This also becomes advantageous with my screenplays if I contract with someone for a movie. Producers love to know that there is more to your world just as Marvel and DC Comics have capitalized on their characters and worlds.

Speaking of screenplays, this was a very good week for mine. The Fantasy/SciFi Festival just informed me that Space Frontiers was one of their top 14 Best Scenes for 2019. This is the first time that Space Frontiers (The Eye of Icarus) has received recognition in a contest. You can visit the link at

In addition, I also just learned that Princess Pain was listed as a top winner for 2019. You can visit the link at

I have three other scripts that I have to step up in terms of getting recognition. Fractured Time, The Christmas Solution, and an exciting project I co-wrote with my good friend Pete Prellwitz titled The Angel of St. Thomas, adapted from one of his novels.

I don’t really care about the prizes that these contests offer but I do want the credibility that comes with being recognized by industry professionals. So maybe I’m a little bit closer to getting a deal done.

For my local fans in the Philadelphia area, you can find me at the Philadelphia Convention Center on June 19-21 at Wizard World’s Comicon. I will be hosting a table there so if you have the opportunity, please come by.

I will be in Atlanta for Multiverse on October 16-18th and then heading over to the Chattanooga area where I will be planning some events. Of course, there is Ravencon on April 24-26 in Williamsburg, VA. Join me again soon for more information and appearances. Thank you for coming by.

Nov 18

Hello, everyone. Welcome back for another update of my projects and appearances. First, and most excitedly, I just learned that Space Frontiers: The Eye of Icarus just won Fantasy/Sci-Fi and Writing Film Festival’s Best Table Read contest. Here is the link if you’d like to check out what a table read is:

Unfortunately, I had to cancel my November conventions due to minor surgery on my foot. I am looking forward to resuming my appearances though in 2020. Currently, I expect to be at Connooga, although I have not heard back from them regarding a table in the convention center. I will be appearing at RavenCon in April, my first appearance there in several years, in Fredericksburg, VA.

My publisher for the Space Frontiers series, Helm Publishing, will no longer be handling the Space Frontiers books. Effective January 1, 2020, AZ Publishing will publish the series. Also, coming in 2020 will be the new Space Truckers series in novella form beginning with The Adventures of the Blue Eagle. I will be meeting with my publisher soon to discuss details and a release date. Join me again soon for the latest on The Worlds of Michael D’Ambrosio. Have a safe and happy holiday season.