Jan 11

Welcome back, everyone. You have my wishes for a promising new year and lots of good news. For starters, most of my books have been transitioned to Quantum Discovery for publishing. You may remember that my former publisher retired last year. Not only are the books available now with new and exciting covers, but they are available as audio books as well. I expect that late spring, not only Space Truckers will be joining them, but Space Truckers 2 as well. Now my focus is on completing Reign of Pain, the third and final book in the Pain series. Reign of Pain and Space Truckers 2 have a cross-over theme with Marina (Princess Pain) having a key involvement with the crew of the Blue Eagle in Space Truckers.

I was very fortunate to meet and contract with an exceptional literary agent at Quantum Discovery who has opened doors for me that I haven’t been able to reach in over twenty years. As a result, my books are reaching international markets as well as national. Recently, I learned that Night Creeps has become a New York Times best seller and will be featured in the February Issue. To top that off, Princess Pain just reached that status as well and I believe will appear in the March issue! I’m hoping that this will accelerate action in the movie industry as there are a number of professionals considering the scripts with funding the usual obstacle right now. I believe that someone soon will step up and capitalize on the screenplays for these stories.

With all these new changes and responsibilities, I will have to pare down the number of conventions I do each year. I will be appearing at Farpoint in February but I will likely have to cancel out of Connooga. I am still planning to attend SciFiValleyCon and Fan Expo (formerly Wizard World) both in June but I haven’t planned for anything after that. Join me again soon as things are getting very interesting and I wouldn’t want you to miss it. Take care everyone and stay warm & cozy until next time.

Oct 06

Hello, again, everyone. Welcome back for another visit to The Author’s Corner. I’ve been working with Quantum Discovery to move several of my novels over to them. As you might know, AZ Publishing, which has carried The Fractured Time Trilogy, Night Creeps 1 & 2, and The Pain series, is no longer doing business in the publishing world. This has been an effort as I have spent much of the summer going over the original manuscripts to improve on material, some that I wrote 15-20 years ago. We are close to being finished as Princess Pain and Reign of Pain are the last two that aren’t available yet. The Fractured Time novels, and Night Creeps novels are now available online with new and exciting covers.

I’m also working with a very talented author, Pete Prellwitz, on a project that is turning out real well. We are adapting one of his worlds into a series and the pilot is shaping up nicely. I’m also working on Space truckers 2 and Reign of Pain simultaneously. This has been tricky and time consuming as there is a crossover between the Space Truckers crew and Marina from the Pain series. Their adventures merge together with a common enemy that makes for plenty of action and adventure.

I had to cancel out of the Collingswood Book Fair due to the rains and flooding from hurricane Ian. IT wasn’t near as bad as the dramatic weather forecasters had predicted, but I didn’t want to risk moving books outside in torrential rains (that never came). Next on my list of appearances is PhilCon, November 18th-20th. I had hoped to appear at Monster Bash at Smithville Village on October 20th but I never heard back from them. For next year in February, I will be at Farpoint (Feb. 10th-12th) and Connooga (Feb.17th-19th).

I’m waiting anxiously for news on a Space Truckers movie. I can’t say much about it right now, other than it’s being handled by a producer and a movie company. This gets complicated sometimes so I won’t try to explain. Join me again soon for more details on upcoming appearances, and progress with my projects.

Aug 31

Hello, everyone. Lots to talk about since last posting. Most importantly, many of my books have been moved to a new publisher, Quantum Discovery. The Fractured Time Trilogy, Night Creeps series, and the Pain series will soon be available with new covers and a new price (lower)! They will soon be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s websites. Night Creeps may already be available.

Things are progressing along with the Space Truckers screenplay and an interested party. I can’t say more than that at this point. I am also collaborating on a pilot with a good friend that I’m finally making some progress with. I hope to have more on that soon.

This weekend (Labor Day), I’ll have a vendor’s table at RevolutionSuperfest in Phoenixville. On September 16th, I’ll be at the Showboat in Atlantic City for NJHorrorCon. October 1st, I’ll be at the Collingswood Book Fair. October 20th, I’ll be at MonsterMash in historic Smithville in Absecon, NJ. November 18-20, I will be at PhilCon in Cherry Hill, NJ. That is my fall lineup thus far.

My next post should have a lot more information and details about what’s happening in my projects as well as my 2023 schedule for conventions. I hope to have the website updated with new cover images and “Buy Now” links by then, as well. Join me again soon for more information and updates. Have a great fall season and hopefully I will see some of you at the conventions.

Apr 11

Just finished the weekend at FanExpo (formerly Wizard World) in Philly at the convention center. I was amazed by how well Space Truckers was received by fans. It was one of my most successful shows from a selling standpoint as Night Creeps 1 and 2 sold almost as well. The fans were great and the costumes even better. So good to see everyone having fun again.

Next up is RavenCon on April 29th in Richmond, Va. That is another area where the people have been really good to me over the years. I am working on a number of appearances yet and hope to have details soon. I will be at the Collingswood, NJ Book Festival on October 1st. I’m waiting for a commitment from Multiverse in Atlanta. It’s tough for me to do a convention and not have a table in the dealers room to sell from. All the conventions have been good about trying to accommodate me with a table. I’m long overdue for a return to Atlanta. My last few appearance there were for DragonCon. Unfortunately, that con has grown much too big for me.

Look for more regular updates as new appearances are added. Fingers crossed that we’ll have some news on the movie front as well. There’s plenty to be optimistic about.

There are some items on the website that I have to address, regarding Space Truckers, The Buy Now link is not active, and the book cover is not on the carousel yet. I hope to meet with my website guru soon to fix those details. Space Truckers is available through Amazon, bookstores and through most online venues. Even better, you can get them from me at a discounted price personalized. Thanks for joining me and come back soon for more updates on my projects.

Feb 28

This weekend was Farpoint 22, the sci-fi/fantasy convention held a short distance from Baltimore in Hunt Valley. It’s the first convention for myself and many of the attendees since before the pandemic so it felt great to be out again. Despite wearing masks, we managed to have a great time. Kudos to the staff for putting on an excellent show. The numbers, of course, were lower than before as I’m sure many are still uncomfortable with large events.

I had the opportunity to do panels with some new and outstanding authors. Cerese Rennie Murphy and JL Gribble joined me for an enthusiastic panel titled “Now It’s a Major Motion Picture!” Another panel was Time Management and Healthcare for Writers where I was joined by MJ Blehart. MJ had some very helpful tips to offer on this subject. And lastly, Series Arcs with a great writer who has so much positive energy, Arrow J. Knight. The two of us had so much in common with our experiences between books and screenplays. In all three panels, the audience was really into it and the interaction was great. Thanks to everyone for making this an awesome convention.

Now, back to work for me. Coming up in April is FanExpo and Ravencon as you’ve already seen in the previous post. On May 14th, from 12-3, I will be at Barney Loves Books at 22 S. Main St. in Woodstown, NJ. On May 21st, I’ll be at Cocco’s Gelateria in Primos, PA once again, from 12-4.

My latest novel, Space Truckers, will be released shortly and I’m really excited about this book. For one, the screenplay has garnered significant interest and has done well in contests. The novel covers some very interesting topics with the characters, especially when a divorce is involved with one of them. Join me again soon for an update on my projects and appearances.