Jan 02

Hello, everyone and welcome back. I hope all of you had a great holiday season and I’m wishing everyone a healthy and prosperous New Year. I’m sure that by this time next year things will be very different. I hope that means many of you will be working and that the new healthcare debacle improves even slightly. There’s an old saying that goes “only fight the battles you can win”. There is much truth to that.
I haven’t done much writing over the last thirty days due to some major projects at the house. Phew, they turned out to be much bigger projects than I expected. So, with those behind me, I’m looking to get off to a good start for the new year. I’m focusing on Night Creeps II right now and hope to have it finished by May. Then I’ll resume work on Queen of Pain – the sequel to my soon to be released Princess Pain from Blackwyrm Publishing.
I also want to focus on marketing my screenplays and possibly developing something new. This is something I’m determined to succeed at this year. I know the material is good and the scripts are polished so it’s a matter of finding that passionate producer who understands the potential. With all the interest I’ve had in each of my projects, I really believe it’s just a matter of time. My biggest fear is that when the first script sells, others will follow like dominoes. Then the rewrites come and I dread getting overwhelmed with too much at one time. That, however, is a problem I’d like to have anyway.
I have a number of appearances for the first half of the year scheduled. Coming up next month is Connooga (Chattanooga, TN), then Midsouthcon (Memphis, TN), Central PA Comicon (Carlisle, PA), LepreCon (Phoenix, AZ), and BaltiCon (Hunt Valley, MD).
Fortress Publishing is celebrating the release of a new anthology titled TV Gods at BaltiCon. The book contains a number of stories of mythological gods in modern day TV series. My short story, Perseus Meets Charlie Harper (Two and-a-half Men) is one of the stories that was accepted.
As I mentioned earlier, Princess Pain is due out shortly from Blackwyrm Publishing. Lead character Marina is one bad-ass chick in this series. She’s hot, angry, and doesn’t play well with others as the opening scene clearly shows.
Well, I guess it’s time to get some work done. Join me again soon for new information and appearances. Join me at one of my upcoming appearances listed on the site. Thanks again and take care until next time.

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