Jul 04

After much angst, the website is finally back up. My former web hoster demonstrated much incompetence in supporting their servers when issues arrive. Fortunately, with help from a new friend and GoDaddy, the site is finally back up. So, welcome back,everyone.
Several events have happened since last time.
-Princess Pain and the new Queen of Pain (Due out in January) will be carried by AZ Publishing. We are in the process of transferring the files from the former publisher.
-I’ve started a new novel, based on a new script, titled Space Truckers and have gotten about two chapters into it.
-I’m collaborating on a project with a good friend and fellow writer Pete Prellwitz, adapting his novel, The Angel of St. Thomas to a TV series. This is my first collaboration and it’s been fun so far. My short story.
-My short story, No Justice, was accepted by Fortress Publishing for their upcoming anthology, TV Gods – Summer Programming. This is the second of the humorous TV Gods series. A release date has not been announced yet.
-I’ve accepted an invitation to PhilCon for November 18-20. I’m hoping to have a table in their dealers room as well.
-On July 23rd, I’ll be appearing at Cocco’s Gelataria for my annual summer signing. This is always a great opportunity to meet my friends and fans in a relaxed environment with lots of good food and desserts.
More information will be forthcoming about coming appearances and projects. Join me soon for another update and news. Have a great summer, everyone.

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