Mar 16

Finally catching my breath after a great weekend in York, Pa. at CentralPaComicon. Congratulations to Alicia Lurye and her staff for a great job in bringing this convention to maturity. The Wyndham Gardens Conference Center was sold out on March 14th and 15th with many being turned away. I want to thank all my new fans who purchased books and those who took time to stop and chat with me as well. I really had a great time with all of you and look forward to returning next year. I’m still awaiting a release date on Night Creeps 2 which should be soon so all of you who purchased Night Creeps, hang loose. I’ll have a date soon.
I will be back in the York area on June 13th at the York Emporium Book Store at 343 W. Market St. for SciFi Saturday. I’ll also be at Carlisle High School for their charity event on May 30th from 11 to 4. They are hosting several authors to help raise money for charity. I’ll have more on those events as they draw closer.
Coming up next is Midsouthcon in Memphis. I’ve been invited back for the third year in a row and I’m very excited about it. I’ll be moderating panels on Friday at 10:00, Back to the Future: a discussion on time travel, portals, and wormholes; Saturday morning at 9:00 Will The Internet Achieve Sentience; then I also have 8:00 on Friday night: Meet the Guests; 10:00 on Saturday morning: Screenplays, Scripts and Space Opera; 10:00 in the evening: Writing Science Fiction; and Sunday at 12:00, Genre Roulette. Join me next week for a review of the convention and more information.

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