Jul 25

With the searing heat limiting my outdoor activities, I’m getting a lot more work done on my projects. It’s official, I’ll be joining Farpoint in February, just outside of Baltimore as one of their guests. You can find their website under my links section. I’ve already confirmed with PhilCon for November as a guest as well. In January, the Queen of Pain will be released from AZ Publishing. For those who aren’t familiar with the Pain series, Queen of Pain is the sequel to Princess Pain. This series is full of action, violence and gristly deaths as well as our emotional heroine, Marina.

I’ve recently teamed up with my good friend, Pete Prellwitz, in adapting his tales of Carlita, The Angel of St. Thomas into a TV pilot. We hope to have the pilot ready for market by the fall. I’m progressing with Space Truckers, my new sci-fi/action novel, adapted from a recent screenplay I wrote. I didn’t intend to do a new series but this story is so exciting that I couldn’t resist.

My signing at Cocco’s Gelateria was a lot of fun, as usual. The extreme heat did limit the number of visitors to the store but we still had a great time. It’s always a pleasure meeting new friends and fans. A special thanks to Teresa and Mike Cocco for having me back and to their courteous staff. I look forward to seeing them next year. Join me again soon for more news on my projects and appearances.

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