Mar 07

I just returned from Central Pennsylvania Comicon held in York, Pa. at the Fairgrounds. Thanks everyone for a great time. I was honored to be their Author Guest of Honor thanks to the fans from the previous conventions. My lectures were well attended and I got to know many of the attendees afterwards at my table in the Dealers Hall. I especially want to thank all the new fans who purchased books from me. I look forward to seeing many of you at Regeneration and Carlisle High School’s Sci-fi Saturday.
The sequel to Princess Pain is just about done. I’ve been battling over the title – Queen of Pain or The Blackhearts. I think I’ll keep both and go with Queen of Pain: Blackhearts. I’ll let you know once the details and dates are worked out for its release. I was sorry to disappoint many of my fans who were anxious to see what happens to Marina and her nasty disposition. Don’t worry, it’s still there.
My new movie script Space Truckers is gaining more interest each week. Now, if only someone will sign on the dotted line. I’m considering writing the novel for Space Truckers and making a series of it. I’m also putting together the details for a Space Truckers sequel as well.
Coming up next on my schedule are Regeneration (Hunt Valley) and Carlisle High School. After that, there are no other conventions on my schedule right now. I had to cancel a few due to other obligations. I’m also allocating more time to my screenplays and their marketing. This is temporary so don’t fret if you aren’t on my list of stops. I will still be hitting the road hard at a later date.
Join me again soon for more information on the Worlds of Michael D’Ambrosio and where I’ll be popping up. Thanks again and have a great Spring.

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