May 06

Things are heating up both outside and in. While the temperatures have crept into the eighties, lots of things coming up for me. I will be appearing at SciFiValleyCon in Altoona next weekend and then BaltiCon the following weekend. On May 30th, I’ll be appearing at Carlisle High School for a charity event. One important change I’d like to mention is my appearance at the Library of Congress. Due to a conflict with the LoC chorale group, my appearance has been moved to June 24th. The topic I’ll be speaking of is Conventions – both Literary and Multi-genre. I have copies of my latest novel Night Creeps 2 and they will be available at the above mentioned events. The novel has not yet posted on my publisher’s sight, nor any of the others yet but will soon.
I have had multiple requests for my latest script Space Truckers. One company is currently working out a budget and other details. The others have expressed significant interest and I’m waiting for responses from them. I hope to have more on that before the end of the month. In addition, I’m working on two novels at this time” Queen of Pain, the sequel to Princess Pain; and Space Truckers: The Blue Eagle (the novel to the new script). Join me again soon for more information and the latest updates.

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