Dec 24

Welcome back, everyone. It’s been a busy spell for a lot of reasons. For starters, I will be appearing at Inconjunction in Indianapolis over July 4th weekend. This is a very well run convention that draws a lot of fans. What I love about this one is that the fans are very involved with the guests. They come to mingle and meet. Amazicon has moved to November and is in Essington, Pa. at the Clarion Hotel, not far from my home. Also, I have been in contact with Multiverse in Atlanta, Ga. I’m awaiting some additional details about the convention but likely will be there in October.
Earlier this month, I was in Phoenix to meet with my publisher. After several discussions, we decided that the new Space Truckers series will be released in novella size versus novel. This will allow me to keep each novella focused on one main adventure with a few subplots. This series gives me a chance to open up a lot of new avenues. I may even cross over into the Pain series with a few adventures. More to come on that later.
On the screenplay front, still lots of interest but no takers yet. The big concern by a few of my contacts is the competition with one or two other very big budget franchises. Timing is everything in the movie industry. Patience and diligence will win out eventually, I’m sure. Join me again soon for more details and appearances. Have a safe and happy holiday season, everyone. See you soon.

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