May 13

I just returned from a ten-day trip to Arizona and the LepreCon Sci-fi Convention. The time flew by so fast as I did several radio and blog interviews during the week and then partook of the convention for the weekend.
I’d like to give a thank you to everyone at LepreCon, especially those who purchased books from me, for a great time. Patti H., Brick Cave Media, The Hay Girls (Song River & Co.), Cult Classics and the Blog Goddess (yes, you, Tina) deserve special thanks for the interviews, events and pictures. I’m really looking forward to returning next year. I thnk I need an extra day or two in Sedona as well. What a beautiful mountain region just an hour from Phoenix.
Coming up shortly is BaltiCon in Hunt Valley, Md. I’ll be doing panels and selling in the dealers room as usual so I invite all to come by and say hello. The anthology TV Gods will debut at the convention with my first short story, Greek on the Beach, to be published. Imagine mythical characters in modern day TV shows and you can imagine where this is going.
I’ve had a few requests for the Princess Pain script and also a few viewers (movie execs) on the Inktip website for the Princess as well. Let’s keep hoping that one of them is a match for the has been a great source for leads and for industry viewers for my scripts.
With all my appearances coming up, I’ve had a difficult time trying to finish Night Creeps 2. After the novel, I’ll definitely write the screenplay for this story. This is definitely a more adult horror story than Night Creeps. And then there’s the Queen of Pain, the sequel to Princess Pain. So many stories, so little time to write. Join me again soon to find out what’s new and exciting.

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