May 01

Hello, everyone. Lots of changes going on right now for me. Blackwyrm Publishing is no longer doing books, so fortunately for me, one of my other publishers, AZ Publishing (Patti Hultstrand) is eager to pick up Princess Pain. Even better, The Queen of Pain has been completed and AZ will be doing that one as well. We are looking at a January, 2017 release date. Now that the Queen is underway, I have been focusing on my screenplays again. There has been much interest in Space Truckers and, more recently, Space Frontiers. It seems there is a resurgence in interest in the sci-fi genre lately. I’m not sure why but these things come in waves.
If you’ve had trouble visiting my website because of a server or connection error, I’m having trouble with my Digital Ocean account. They seem to know why it goes down once a week, but haven’t given me a solution that works yet. I’ve checked in with my computer guru Jason Curran and I’m anxiously waiting for his thoughts on the problem.
My next appearance is on May 21st at Carlisle High School just outside Harrisburg for Sci-Fi Saturday. For anyone in the area, this event is a lot of fun. I will be joined by other authors and vendors in the gymnasium. I currently don’t have any appearances scheduled after Carlisle at this time but that could change. I needed the time to work on promoting and pitching my scripts and there just wasn’t enough time in the day to get anything done.
I did start on a new novel, Space Truckers, adapted from my latest script but there is no timetable right now for its completion. I’ll let you know more on that later in the year. I’d like to make more appearances at the multi-genre conventions and the film festivals where I can develop new contacts. Join me again soon for updates on my projects and new appearances. Have a great Spring, everyone.

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