Jun 25

After returning from the Library of Congress, I can finally focus on writing again. My experience at the LoC was awesome. There are so many new exhibits since my last event there in 2012. I have to give special thanks to Hope O’Keefe for having me come in to speak and for showing us a wonderful time. The LoC has the What if…? sci-fi program and has brought in a variety of guests over the years. It’s always an honor to join them.
Now, I must get down to business with The Queen of Pain. With a number of potential projects looming ahead, I really want to put the time into Q of P and make it better than Princess Pain. For those who have already read Princess Pain, there was quite a body count starting with the first scene. There will still be a body count but in a more complex plot involving several character from book one.
Regarding my other projects; I am very excited about writing the novel fro my script Space Truckers. Even more exciting is the interest I’ve received form motion picture companies. I hope to have the novel ready or near ready to go if we are going to see a Space Truckers movie. I also had a preliminary offer to do some adaptations next year for two sci-fi projects. If that offer pans out, then I will need to commit my time to that.
My friends from Fortress Publishing are seriously considering a sequel to TV Gods because of the fan interest in the original. I’ve been asked to put my ideas together as a decision will be made soon. I already have my story line with a certain Greek goddess in a TV series about lawyers. Can you guess? I bet not but you’ll like it.
It’s nice to have a little break in the travel schedule but in August, I’ll be active again with an appearance at WVPopCon in Morgantown, West Virginia. Join me again soon for an update on my literary and film worlds. Have a great summer everyone.

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