Oct 28

Hello, everyone, and thanks for joining me again. I just returned from MileHiCon in the beautiful city of Denver and what a weekend it was. met lots of new fans who have boarded the Fractured Time train. Book sales always help keep the train rolling. I had some really cool panels with interesting authors including a Saturday night panel on Horror Movies, moderated by new friend Tom Fowler. The programming is outstanding and very detailed. Kudos to Rose Beetum for a great job. Gyn and Scott did a fantastic job with the dealers room including juggling to maximize the number of dealers comfortably in the hall. I’m hoping to return next year to join them once again. The Hyatt Tech Regency was also one of the highlights of the weekend. They earned a four star review from me. Everything from the service to the food was out of this world. Coming up next, I’ll be at the Tucson Comicon for a one day appearance on November 7th while I try to spend the balance of my trip in Phoenix, relaxing and finishing Queen of Pain.
On a different note: somehow the first editions of my Fractured Time series have appeared on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. These editions are no longer available and I’m still trying to resolve why this happened and how to undo it. For those of you looking to purchase copies, you can email me direct and place Fractured Time in the subject line. Thanks for your patience on this matter.
Nothing new to report on the screenplay front other than lots of interest, requests for material, and pitches which isn’t bad, but no deals yet. I have high hopes for my newest script, Space Truckers, which has generated more excitement in a short time than the others. I’m looking forward to finishing Queen of Pain so I can return to screenwriting as I have several ideas I’d like to convert. So much too do and not enough time to do it. We’ll keep this edition brief as I don’t have much more to tell than this. Join me again soon for more information on upcoming trips, projects, and news. Have a safe and happy Halloween. Thanks.

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