Apr 09

Hello, everyone. Welcome back for more on the Worlds of Michael D’Ambrosio. Lots of interesting things going on right now that are keeping me occupied. My Night Creeps script is a finalist in the Crimson Screen Film Festival with final judging scheduled for May 26th. This will be the second time Night Creeps has made it to the final round of a contest so I’m hoping for some good news when all is said and done.
I’ve been very busy with Space Truckers in more ways than one. Recently, I learned that Space Truckers was picked as the best sci-fi script in 2018 by Wild Sound Film Festival. They are creating a 5-minute trailer for me to promote the script (and the book). My publisher and I haven’t decided on a release date yet as there is still a lot to do. It will likely be late this year or early next year. Space Truckers, unlike my other novels, will be available as an audio book. Currently, Mark Delgado is working the narration for me. My publisher, Patti Hultstrand of AZ Publishing, will be providing the artwork for both the audio package and the novella. Once that is completed, Disk Makers of Pensauken, New Jersey will be creating the package, which we expect will be 7 CDs in a DVD style package. I was surprised to learn that a CD only holds a max of 78 minutes so, thankfully, Space Truckers is a novella. I expect that this will be a long series as I have many ideas for it. I have received two more requests for copies of the script from production companies with excellent comments. Unfortunately, for all the interest and praise, no offers have been made. Maybe, I’m getting close(r).
Not too far off are SciFiValleyCon (Altoona, PA) and Inconjunction (Indianapolis, IN). Both are excellent conventions and I’m excited about returning to both. I really look forward to meeting fans at the conventions. Lately, I’ve been putting in a lot of time focusing on my pitching for Space Truckers, particularly on the marketing points. In November, I will be attending Amazicon, which is moving to the Clarion Hotel near the Philadelphia airport. In December, I will be spending some time in Phoenix but I’m not sure if or what I’ll be doing yet. I’m hoping to come up with something new and creative for my fans.
I’ve already mapped out Space Truckers 2 but I haven’t had time to do much more than that. I’m working with a good friend in Phoenix, Don Jacques, on a project for his Earth Seed. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Earth Seed is an innovative self-sustaining vehicle that can recycle and produce anything necessary to survive in the wilderness. I’ve designed the circuitry for one of the new components he wants to add and I’m currently building a prototype of the circuit. You can find information on the Earth Seed on Facebook or search Don Jacques. The man is amazing what he has invented thus far. Well, time to get back to work. Join me again soon for more information on my projects and appearances.

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